What Bulls say about fucking married women!

The “other man” to a Hotwife-cuckold marriage is supposed to be called a “Bull”. Bulls are the other man who LOVES fucking a married woman, here are some of the things Bulls said about fucking married women:

  • I like fucking a married woman if her husband has no idea. It’s great knowing I can convince her to cheat.
  • I don’t have to deal with her baggage, kids or family problems. After you fuck them they always leave.
  • I like fucking a wife in front of her husband and telling him what a good piece of ass she is, or how good her pussy feels.
  • I like the first time a married woman sees my cock and tells me that I’m bigger than her husband.

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A cuckold daily life

This lovely hot wife is anticipating a sexy fucking with her hung lover and cuck hubby. Unfortunately after she sits on her lovers large cock her hubby starts licking her pussy and when the lovers cock slips out he starts sucking it instead. Very quickly he makes her lover cum. Now he’s done and the only hard cock left is hubby’s. She bends over the bed for him to fuck her but he’s so excited that he can’t wait and she turns to take him in her mouth while he squirts. Now both men are out of action and she’s not been taken care of. She takes it well enough though. There’s a lesson here, with a true hot wife, you’d better give her a solid 45 minutes of hard fucking especially if there are two of you. She needs at least 5-6 orgasms before the men pop or else she’s going to be shopping for BBC.

Sharing my wife

I promised my wife Suzanne something special for her birthday this year. I invited 3 friends over, gave each one of them a 100mg Viagra and let them fuck my wife all afternoon while I videotaped it. I told them the only requirement was each one of them had to cum at least once in her mouth, her pussy, and in her ass. Since we knew these men, we did not use condoms. My wife had never been fucked like we fucked her that afternoon. For three solid hours there was a cock in her sometimes 2 or 3. Once she started cumming, she didn’t stop. She took every cock again and again and asked for more. I believe the next time, I need more guys. She wore us out. The whole room stank of sweat and cum. I knew my wife was a slut, I just had no idea that she was even more depraved than I am. Watch the video, am I lucky or what?

As Good As It Gets

I’d say this is about as good as it gets. A true cuckold will understand exactly what I mean. It’s hard to explain the rush and excitement a man gets watching a big cocked bull fuck your wife right in front of you. Nothing will make you cum harder though!

Black Gentleman for Couple – m4mw – 32

The ad in Craigslist went like this:

6’4 athletic build gentleman , looking for a Caucasian or Hispanic couple who is looking to play with no strings attached. I’m not Bi and do not wish to receive ads where the husband or boyfriend is Bi. I can host any day or night with prior arrangement. I will provide a number and facial pic on next email.. If you are serious I would advise to put “BBC” in the subject line so I can weed out the annoying spam or fakers.
Thank you”

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My Wife gets Nine

Rashid has been fucking my wife for a few months now. I record them using a web cam on my wife’s computer in our bedroom. I was surprised when my wife told me about him when she first met him and very surprised that he was black. Then I started putting two and two together. Although my wife has told me many times that she has no preference in men, I realized that she most certainly does. She’s had sex with over 60 men since we started the cuckold lifestyle in 2008. Thirteen of them have been black, all with huge cocks. Two of them have been Haitian. Watching videos of them fucking my wife made me realize how strongly she responded to them sexually. I hadn’t put it together until she told me about Rashid.

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Hot Wife Rebecca gives Hubby a Rare Gift


As you probably know I don’t sleep with my husband anymore. That is, he doesn’t get to cum inside me! As much as I get a lot of action I like to save it for my lovers. Every once in a while though I remind my husband of what he is missing. Actually on this evening he was telling about a great blow job he got from one of his lovers. I thought I’d remind him what a good blow job felt like. I kept taunting him until he admitted my superiority and begged me to let him put his penis inside me. I told him he could feel what it was like again. He wasn’t bad, but then I reminded him that he no longer was allowed and that my pussy could only be seeded by my lovers. It was okay. He got a happy ending!

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My Wife’s Sex Tapes with the Neighbor

I get along pretty good with my wife’s boyfriend. It’s not that we hang out together, because we don’t. We only know each other in passing. My wife likes to keep her lovers to herself, but she does like to let them know that she plays with my permission. The boyfriend’s name is Alan and he lives in our building a couple of floors up. He’s closer to my wife’s age and he’s been fucking her for little over a year now. They get together a couple of times a week. They don’t have much more than a suck and fuck relationship as Alan has a steady girlfriend that he’s about to marry. Normally we prefer her lovers to be married as that tends to keep things simple and discreet, but my wife made an exception for Alan because he lived close and had a good sized cock.

It turns out that Alan has been videotaping my wife every time he fucks her and has built up a pretty decent collection of sex tapes. I was kind of surprised when he told me, he assumed that I knew they used a camcorder as my wife was the one that originally suggested they record their sex. He wanted to know if I would like to have them as he needed to get them out of his apartment before he got married. His new bride-to-be had been spending a lot more time around his house and he was getting paranoid that she might find them. Of course I said yes. I couldn’t believe my luck. I’m a voyeur at heart and this was like treasure gold. Here’s the first one I checked out. He’s banging my sexy hot Asian wife every which way but loose here and she’s loving it!

My Wife’s New Black Lover

My wife’s new bull just sent me the first  video he made fucking my Asian wife. She met him from a Craigslist ad. We met him for coffee where he informed us that he would fuck my wife but I couldn’t be there and he would only fuck her at his place and wouldn’t come to our house. He also told us that he would not use a condom and that he expected to be able to cum in whatever hole of my wife’s that he chose to. He also said that he would video every session and provide a clip to me for being so generous with my wife. The last thing he mentioned was that, depending on his mood, he might invite a friend or two to help him fuck sometime in the future and were we alright with that. Yes we were.

My wife liked the way he took control and told him that was fine by her. I did not get to voice my opinion. From the video it looks like he gave her what she wanted which was a hard aggressive fuck. He also talked to her like a slut which, I’m finding out, she loves. I asked her about his cock and she told me it was 8″ and nice and thick. He cums a lot, she said.

This is the first video my wife has allowed to show so much of her face in public. She likes this guy so there will be more videos.



The Bull and the Cuckold

I met Mario through Craigslist when I was looking for a candidate to fuck my Asian wife Suzanne. We’ve met a couple of great lovers through Craigslist over the past couple of years and wanted to find another. A man named Mario had just posted an ad titled “BBC seeking couples” which caught my eye right away since I was looking for a black guy. BBC means big black cock in the lifestyle lingo. My particular fetish, if you can call it that, is sharing my wife with a very well endowed black man so this looked promising.

Mario was looking for a cuckold relationship as a Dom. When I contacted him, he told me he had been in the lifestyle for some time and had been looking for a couple like us. He loves taking control and directing the action and he especially gets turned on doing it with the husband present. After I had sent him a few photos of my wife I found out he had a foot fetish and my wife’s red toenails had really turned him on! He was also extremely excited that my wife was Asian as he was very attracted to Asians. He told me he had once had an Asian girlfriend and regretted that he had lost her to another man. We talked a bit about the cuckold fetish. He was very interested in what we thought about it and our fantasies about it. I told him that my wife Suzanne was, at this point, a hot wife willing to have sex with other men with me present, but so far, we had not taken it to this level and we were both interested to see if it was something we might enjoy.


I told him I was definitely a cuckold, but my wife wasn’t particularly aware of the fetish aspect of it or what it entailed. I mentioned we were not into humiliation or pain. We also hadn’t really met anyone that played into my cuckold fantasies. Mostly it was just about me watching other men fuck my wife and my wife loving it. That was about as far as it had gotten. I felt that to make the cuckold thing work, we had to be involved with a very dominant male that knew how to take control of both of us. I knew my wife would respond very sexually to an aggressive dominant male as she liked being a slut for the men she fucked.

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