I’ve decided to write about my adventures with my cock. Women and men that I have fucked and that have fucked me. The ones I’ve wanted to fuck. The sex that I dream about and fantasize about. The sex that could have been. Stories that I’ve made up or the real deal. Who’s going to know the difference?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but generally, I’m just too lazy. However, writing about sex gives me a hardon, even though I know pretty much what I’m going to write. Just seeing it on the page, gives me a nice blue veiner. A lot of the fantasy things I’ve always wanted to do have come in the last few years. They were everything I thought they would be.

I have a wonderful wife that is an absolutely slutty cock whore that I just love to death. She fucks men for both of our pleasure. Men that I select and men that she finds for herself. She is very partial to black men with large cocks. Surprise guys, size matters and nearly all white girls have the black fantasy. When I hear my petite Asian wife emit a low gutteral grunt each time a thick 8″ black cock bottoms out in her, I know that she is officially a black cock whore.

Of course, I’m a whore as well and plan on sharing that with you. I like a big cock occasionally myself. I like to suck them and I like to take a hard fucking right up my ass. I’d like to think of myself as bisexual, but my wife says I’m not. Go figure.

So I will write my stories in no particular order. Just as they come to me and I hope you enjoy them and get some pleasure out of them for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind about the cuckold lifestyle, it’s not about humiliation or dominance, although there is that aspect of it. For instance, my wife does not like to have her lovers belittle me. She does not get off on the sissy stuff or male sex stuff. However having said that, there are plenty of varieties of cuckolding to explore and you will surely find your niche. One thing for sure, for those of us that appreciate sharing our wives and our wives that appreciate us sharing them, it is a most intense sexual fetish that just gets better and better. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

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  1. All my girlfriends and first wife had affairs other guys. I didn’t object and in fact I encouraged them to explore their sexual independence. They loved it and in fact eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for other guys. We all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it. My current wife, after a long talk exploring our life and loves, knows everything and has now started dating too. I’m not sure what it is they see in me that I don’t know? -FH

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