Cuckolding / FemDom Ideas


1. Tease your husband with sex and sexual ideas.

2. Comment on how good other men look to you.

3. Tell your husband you like men with big cocks.

4. Tell your husband his dick is not really big enough for you.

5. Tell your husband your lover is much better at sex.

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Cuckold Wife Rebecca

rebecca-piece-ass-018When I have the urge, my belief is to go for it! Some things in life I can’t resist and when I need a huge cock inside me, I gotta go get it. I work hard all week and sometimes I just need to get out of my normal life and spoil myelf. My lovers usually don’t get much notice. It usually takes a quick text message, a confirmation of what they want me to wear and where we will be meeting. Usually we plan for some foreplay type of activity, but most of the time, the clothes come flying off as soon as I we get our hands on each other. On this particular evening I told my husband I was going to go out for drinks with some girlfriends, but snuck out to my lover’s home. As usual, he had all I needed for a perfect evening.

Reb110608-025You know I’m easy. When I haven’t had it for a while, all I need is a little alcohol and I become a desparate MILF. What usually happens is I have to call my husband to tell him that I’ve had too much to drink and I’ll be home in the morning. At that point he knows I’ve been out being naughty.

Rebecca’s Office

My Wife’s Latin Lover

I videotaped my wife and her Latin lover using a computer in our bedroom. I used Skype to call my remote computer and I recorded the video made by the webcam. I was hiding in our spare bedroom and her lover had no clue I was there. I couldn’t risk recording the sound as he would have heard it. When the Skype call showed on my computer I recorded it using my Mini DV camcorder. So the video is recorded directly from the computer screen. This guy is the jackhammer. He fucked my wife the two times I recorded here and another time I wasn’t able to get a camera set up. The third and last time he fucked her she asked him for a ride to a place that was on his way to work. When he came to pick her up, he came in and, while she was fully dressed and ready to go, bent her over the kitchen table, pulled her panties aside, and fucked her without a condom. I was in the other room waiting for them to leave when I heard the sounds of her getting fucked. That was extremely erotic and I immediately started to jack my cock. Luckily my wife makes a lot of noise when she is getting fucked or I might have walked in on them thinking they had already left!

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What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

Sexual Prowess – Obviously the Bull must have the God given talent of satisfying the slut wife sexually. He must be able to bring her to orgasm as much or preferably more, than this wimp could. Tangents of this theme are cock size – the bigger the dick, the more both the wimp and wife will worship him: Repeat Ability and or Stamina – if this Bull can fuck my wife for an hour it makes my ten minute efforts even more pitiful: Heavy Cummer – both for the wifes enjoyment and the cuck’s humiliation.

Self confidence & an Air of Authority – The Dom bull must be able to control both the wife and the cuckold through his inner strength. This does not mean physical threatening. On the contrary the self confidence and inner strength is more of a quiet firmness. The wife will melt under this strength and the cuck will roll over at his command.

Willingness to Include the Cuck – at some level. All cucks share an extraordinary love for their wife – after all a large part of this scenario is seeing the wife in the throes of orgasm. This relationship is truly three way though – the cuck is not and should not be in charge but he does need to get his needs fulfilled (the needs of making sure his wife is sexually cared for and humiliation). He (the cuck)willingly gives his wife to a Bull sexually, but he must be sure in his own mind that the relationship (marriage) will not end. He (the cuck) will be content to love his wife, and take care of her financially while giving up his marital rights to her, as long as the “relationship” can continue.

Open Minded Sexually – the Dom should not be bi-sexual but he must be willing (in order to exert his control and the cucks humiliation) to use the cuck sexually to at least some extent. this aspect differs with each relationship but – a truly hetro wimp’s humiliation is so much more complete when he finds that he is so controlled that not only will he suck the bulls cum out of his wife’s well fucked pussy, he will even submit to sucking the cock of the man who fucks her. A tangent of this is control of the wimps own orgasms. The Dom bull should be willing to exert enough control to get the wimp to agree to giving him the power over the wimps orgasms. Most wimps need some sort of sexual release or the arrangement becomes untenable. The key for the Dom bull is to limit his sexual release so that the thought is ALWAYS on his mind but the Dom’s control is ever present.

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Craigslist Cocksman

I was surfing Craigslist on the off-chance I might find someone to fuck my young Asian wife. It’s keeps getting harder and harder to find someone suitable these days with all the fakes and posers that advertise. Fortunately I found Bob’s ad looking for a cuckold couple he could meet for a LTR. Bob looked to be in his 60′s with all silver hair and in great shape. But what really stood out was his exceptionally large cock. A solid 8 inches long and just about as thick as a Coke can.

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