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Fallon West spanks her sissy cuck hard then makes him watch as she takes big black meat. She gets pumped hard and takes a hot load in her waiting mouth. Sissy boy is there to catch the cum.

My Wife Suzanne Doubled

I sat in a chair beside the bed watching my  wife’s head bob up and down on her lover’s cock. She was taking it as deeply as  you can take a solid 8 inches. I could see how she loved it the way she let it rub around her face, licking the shaft and smelling his scent. As she licked down his hard cock, sucking his balls, her head dipped way down between his legs as she tongued that sensitive area between his asshole and ball sack. Watching her do that made my penis rock hard. I wondered if she had ever rimmed his asshole the other times they’ve been together without me. With his cock back in her mouth, she milked him earnestly trying to get him to cum. I knew she loved to swallow him. He was a prodigious producer of sperm. I’d seen how much cum he could squirt because occasionally he liked to videotape cumming on my wife’s face with his cellphone. I also knew that if he came, he could be erect again within twenty minutes. I know all of this because I secretly videotape them when they get together.

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Steven H. is an avid fan of “Sexual Musing of a Cuckold” having been in the lifestyle for over 10 years with his lovely wife Lee. He just sent in this video clip he  made last week when his wife’s two black lovers were double fucking her pussy. Awesome video and, yes, Steven was charged with “clean up duties” before getting sloppy seconds.

Take my panties off

Once when we were at Club Sapphire, my husband mentioned to him that he wishes I were naughtier than I am and would not wear panties under my skirt (that day I was dressed in a short leather skirt, and yes, I had my lace panties on with high heels). We laughed it off.

He invited me for a dance. We were the first couple to on the floor. We were just dancing and then slowly he pulled me close to his body and we start softly rubbing against each other… back and forth. His hand was on my back, his fingers softly moving against the fabric of my skirt applying pressure to my behind. I could taste his scent through his kisses. I was silently screaming for more. I whispered in his ear “take my panties off”. He asked: “right here on the dance floor?” “Yes, do it”, I replied.His whole character changed as I leaned close to his body and felt how hard his cock had gotten. Now feeling the warmth of his body against mine, he kept his fingers moving on my butt and thighs as he moved his hand under my skirt touching my skin. It was just a simple touch but signaling so much sexuality that it made me gasp when he went down on his knees to slowly take my panties down. I think my knees were about to give way as he run his hand between my thighs to caress my very wet pussy.He was forced to tighten his hold on me to keep me from sinking down on the floor as he stood up. He was trying to give me my panties when I said: ”Give them to my husband. He was the one who asked for them.” I felt how his muscles tensed up when he had to walk cross the dance floor to give my husband my soaking wet panties in front of everyone watching.

Ooh la la, needless to say that night was a wonderful night!

Barbi Sinclair

03Hi, I’m Barbi and the cock I’m digging out of these pants is not my husbands. He’s behind the camera taking photos. My girlfriend and I are going to suck this guy’s cock and then let him fuck both of us as long as he wants. My husband’s  going to watch, but that’s all. I might let him lick my pussy clean if he’s a good boy. I might even let him have sloppy seconds. It depends on how I feel. Click the photo above to see more!


My Wife and her Younger Lover

My wife has met a new lover a few years younger. He graciously made this video the second time he fucked her. They met at work and got friendly over a period of weeks. When my wife wants to fuck someone, she is very good at making her desires known. She doesn’t  waste a lot of time getting them into bed. She told me he is well endowed which is her first criteria. If they don’t have any kind of package, they don’t pass the audition. She likes this young man, he has a large cock, recovers fast and is able to cum several times so far in one session. It looks like this may turn into a regular encounter now. So far she has been going to his apartment, I can’t wait until they come here so I can video them properly.