Dahlia Sky’s Cuck

Dahlia Sky has a slave, and his name is Fluffy. Today, Fluffy’s been a good slave, spending 8 hours (locked down in a chastity belt, no less) cleaning and scrubbing Dahlia’s home…until it’s spotless. Good slaves earn rewards, and today Fluffy earned a big one: a Cuckold Session. Dahlia leads Fluffy into her bedroom, where her Bull is patiently waiting. Soon, Dahlia’s servicing her Bull orally while keeping Fluffy’s tiny dick and baby balls locked up. She does allow Fluffy to remove her beautiful heels…and even sniff her feet! What a treat!! What happens to Fluffy when he tries to sniff his Mistress’s ass? Or eyes the Bull’s enormous black cock? Exactly what any disobedient slave gets! Dahlia spends ample time with her Bull, getting penetrated in all three holes, while Fluffy looks on, unable to jerk his little dinky. However, since he did such a good job cleaning Dahlia’s home, he’ll have no problem cleaning the jizz off Dahlia’s fine ass! See more at Cuckold Sessions!

Sharing Your Cuckold Fantasies with a Wife Who’s Not Into It

What is a Cuckold?

The word “cuckold” comes from the mating rituals of the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo procreates with an alpha-male. He then goes on to impregnate other females cuckoos. The impregnated female returns to her beta-male mate, and they nurture and raise the baby birds born of her “one night stand.” The dictionary definition of a cuckold is “a man with an unfaithful wife.” 03Historically, if a woman cuckolded her husband publicly he became the object of scorn and ridicule. She was the adulterer and he was her cuckold. For the purposes of this essay, a cuckold is defined as being sexually aroused by his wife’s infidelity, so much so that he encourages, supports and engages in his wife taking other lovers.

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The Cuckold Husband / Hotwife Phenomena

Dr. Cherry Lee, Ph. D.

(Dr. Lee has lectured and published in the area of analytical psychology, and she developed one of the first electronic systems for the quantitative analysis human behavior. She started her counseling work by leading gestalt therapy groups. Apart from this, her several decades of professional experience has been largely limited to urban, affluent, female subjects.)

What Has Spurred the Cuckold Husband/Hotwife Phenomena? Although motivations for the cuckold husband/hotwife phenomena actually cover a wide spectrum, here we’ll cover a few of the most common.

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My Hidden Camera

I see my wife Suzanne’s  lover for the first time when he walks into the bedroom that I had just left an hour ago. He immediately starts taking off his clothes revealing a well defined muscular body and a large erect penis easily eight inches long. Now I know what my wife sees in him. She enters the room dressed in nothing but black thigh high nylons and high heels. She kisses him as she grabs his cock and pulls him towards the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed she is eye level with his engorged member. So thick and shiny it looks like it may burst! She nuzzles it with her nose, smelling it, feeling it on her cheek, letting it caress her face with eyes closed. Her right hand cups his balls and her left hand encircles his sack at the top and pulls it down. Slowly her tongue slips out to taste the drop of liquid that has appeared on the tip of his penis. The man gently places his hand on the top of her head then carefully bunches up her hair for a good grip and pulls her towards him as he slips his cock deeply into her mouth. He holds her head hard against him forcing his cock as deep as he can into her throat but not letting her suck it. She moans but does not try to fight or pull away. She likes it. Taking his cock out of her mouth, he lifts her to her feet and kisses her as he lays her on the bed.

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Jerome stops by

The  second black guy to ever fuck my wife called last night. He was back in town and wanted to come by in the morning and fuck my wife Suzanne. My wife likes Jerome, thinks he is good looking and she likes the way he used to fuck her. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from him. I originally found him advertising his big dick for couples on Craigslist. At the time, he literally lived in an apartment across the street and that was really convenient for us. He fucked my wife back then about 6 times before he had to move to Austin, Texas because of his job. Needless to say, my wife was very excited by his call and couldn’t wait for him to come over. Neither could I, Jerome wasn’t bothered at all that I like to watch and videotape him whenever he fucked Suzanne and I was so looking forward to shooting a great video. I have two video cameras now, a Panasonic mini dv and a HD Flip, both of them made excellent videos.


Jerome is a big guy that’s a little overweight but hard all over because he is a long distance bike rider. He sports a solid 8 inch cock at least 7 inches in diameter and he can keep it hard for hours. My wife feels comfortable enough with him to not use a condom. He showed up right on time this morning looking the same as he did the last time we saw him. We said our hellos and my wife stood on her tiptoes and kissed him at the same time she grabbed his cock through his pants and that was pretty much all the foreplay they needed.


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