My Wife’s New Black Lover

My wife’s new bull just sent me the first video he made fucking my Asian wife. She met him from a Craigslist ad. We met him for coffee and he informed us that he would fuck my wife but I couldn’t be there and he would only fuck her at his place and wouldn’t come to our house. He also told us that he would not use a condom after their first time and that he expected to be able to cum in whatever hole of my wife’s that he chose to. He also said that he would video every session and provide a clip to me for being so generous with my wife. The last thing he mentioned was that, depending on his mood, he might invite a friend or two to help him fuck her sometime in the future, and were we alright with that. Yes, we were.

My wife liked the way he took control and told him that was fine by her. I did not get to voice my opinion. From the video, it looks like he gave her what she wanted which was a hard aggressive fuck. He also talked to her like a slut which, I’m finding out, she loves. I asked her about his cock and she told me it was 8″ and nice and thick. He cums a lot, she said.

This is the first video my wife has allowed to show so much of her face in public. She likes this guy so there will be more videos.

The Bull and the Cuckold

I met Mario through Craigslist when I was looking for a candidate to fuck my Asian wife Suzanne. We’ve met a couple of great lovers through Craigslist over the past couple of years and wanted to find another. A man named Mario had just posted an ad titled “BBC seeking couples” which caught my eye right away since I was looking for a black guy. BBC means big black cock in the lifestyle lingo. My particular fetish, if you can call it that, is sharing my wife with a very well endowed black man so this looked promising.

Mario was looking for a cuckold relationship as a Dom. When I contacted him, he told me he had been in the lifestyle for some time and had been looking for a couple like us. He loves taking control and directing the action and he especially gets turned on doing it with the husband present. After I had sent him a few photos of my wife I found out he had a foot fetish and my wife’s red toenails had really turned him on! He was also extremely excited that my wife was Asian as he was very attracted to Asians. He told me he had once had an Asian girlfriend and regretted that he had lost her to another man. We talked a bit about the cuckold fetish. He was very interested in what we thought about it and our fantasies about it. I told him that my wife Suzanne was, at this point, a hot wife willing to have sex with other men with me present, but so far, we had not taken it to this level and we were both interested to see if it was something we might enjoy.


I told him I was definitely a cuckold, but my wife wasn’t particularly aware of the fetish aspect of it or what it entailed. I mentioned we were not into humiliation or pain. We also hadn’t really met anyone that played into my cuckold fantasies. Mostly it was just about me watching other men fuck my wife and my wife loving it. That was about as far as it had gotten. I felt that to make the cuckold thing work, we had to be involved with a very dominant male that knew how to take control of both of us. I knew my wife would respond very sexually to an aggressive dominant male as she liked being a slut for the men she fucked.

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Cuckold Wife Rebecca

rebecca-piece-ass-018When I have the urge, my belief is to go for it! Some things in life I can’t resist and when I need a huge cock inside me, I gotta go get it. I work hard all week and sometimes I just need to get out of my normal life and spoil myelf. My lovers usually don’t get much notice. It usually takes a quick text message, a confirmation of what they want me to wear and where we will be meeting. Usually we plan for some foreplay type of activity, but most of the time, the clothes come flying off as soon as I we get our hands on each other. On this particular evening I told my husband I was going to go out for drinks with some girlfriends, but snuck out to my lover’s home. As usual, he had all I needed for a perfect evening.

Reb110608-025You know I’m easy. When I haven’t had it for a while, all I need is a little alcohol and I become a desparate MILF. What usually happens is I have to call my husband to tell him that I’ve had too much to drink and I’ll be home in the morning. At that point he knows I’ve been out being naughty.

Rebecca’s Office

Craigslist Cocksman

I was surfing Craigslist on the off-chance I might find someone to fuck my young Asian wife. It’s keeps getting harder and harder to find someone suitable these days with all the fakes and posers that advertise. Fortunately I found Bob’s ad looking for a cuckold couple he could meet for a LTR. Bob looked to be in his 60′s with all silver hair and in great shape. But what really stood out was his exceptionally large cock. A solid 8 inches long and just about as thick as a Coke can.

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Cheating with our Neighbor

I caught my wife fucking our neighbor after I had left for work the other morning. My desktop computer is in our bedroom and I used my webcam to record my wife getting it on with Georges, a black as night Haitian. Georges is married to Valerie, my wife’s best friend.

I’m not sure if Valerie knows or not. I do know that Valerie has been trying to seduce my wife for months as she is bisexual and they tell each other everything. Valerie knows that Suzanne and I have a cuckold relationship. I think she is kind of jealous, because her husband Georges and her hardly ever have sex anymore. I had a suspected that something was going on. Usually my wife tells me everything, but, for some reason, she didn’t want me to know she was knocking boots with Georges. I certainly wasn’t expected to see him between her legs though. The video is pretty lousy. I’m using Skype and a cheap webcam so that’s why there’s no definition. She really gets off on his cock. She’s usually not so hot on black guys, although she likes anyone with a big cock. Watching him fuck her and I can see that he fucks her exactly the way he acts whenever I see him, about half there. Apparently all he has to do is pack that big pipe in my wife’s pussy and she goes gaga over it.

Now that I know I’m going to get a better webcam and keep trying to get some better footage of them.

Making Cum Taste Even Better…


Super Spunk Smoothie

1 cup pineapple, fresh or canned
1 banana, frozen
1 cup apple juice
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBS honey
Optional ingredients: 1 raw egg white, 2 TBS wheat germ, 2 TBS flax seed, 1 shot wheatgrass juice


Kyle was back in town

Kyle is a young Black guy I had sex with several times but it had been well over a year since our last fuck session. The reason for that is he moved interstate. Anyway, he was back in town over the holidays and texted to see if I was interested in hooking up. I said I was but told him I’d need him to take an std test and a Covid test before we did. He said he was happy to do that.

After lunch, a day after the New Year, I was in the office replying to a few emails when I heard the door bell ring. I knew it would be Kyle and that Peter would get it so I continued finishing the email I was on. A minute or so later Peter came in and told me to close my eyes. ‘Uhmm Okay’ I said and thought to myself .. What’s he up to? I closed my eyes and a few moments later, I felt hands on my shoulders and sensed bodies standing either side of me.

“You can open your eyes,” Peter said, a few moments later. When I did I saw I was sandwiched between Kyle and Peter. Both were stripped to the waist wearing only their underpants. I reached out and took hold of Kyle and Peter’s hands and lead them out of the office and up to our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, the guys watched as I began to teasingly undress. As my top and bra came off I moved closer to the guys. Kyle knew what I wanted and reached over and began to caress my breasts and lightly pinch my nipples until they were red and hard. Peter sat and watched.

Very soon I could see the bulge in Kyle’s underpants was threatening to rip its way out so I said he probably should do something about that. In response he stood up and pulled his gorgeous big, and very hard, Black cock out and started to stroke it as he watched me.

I continued my teasing strip and as I started to slip my panties down, both guys had their cocks out and were stroking them. I could clearly see both cockheads were glistening with precum.

As soon as I was naked I jumped on the bed and spread my legs wide so the guys could see how wet my pussy was. And they certainly looked. In a flash they were both got rid of their underpants and joined me on the bed.

Peter said he was going to eat me to my first orgasm and then got down between my legs. It felt sooo good as he licked my saturated slit and then began to suck on my clit. I knew I was going to cum almost straight away and in a little more than a minute I did with my mouth full of Kyle’s fat Black cock.

“She needs fucking now.” Peter told Kyle, as he moved from between my legs. And he was totally right. As my orgasm finished I felt a huge craving for hard cocks stir inside me so I got up and pushed Kyle onto his back and climbed over him. As I did, Peter moved behind me and watched as I leaned forward onto Kyle’s chest and then sat down my pussy down onto his rampant cock.

Kyle’s cock swelled further as I rode it and boy oh boy did it feel good. With Peter watching from behind .. and jerking his hard cock .. I rode Kyle until I orgasmed. I then wanted Peter inside me too so I called out for him to fuck me as well.

Both Peter and Kyle knew exactly what I meant and the next thing I knew Peter was moving forward and pushing his throbbing cock into my pussy to join Kyle’s. I had two hard dicks inside my pussy now!! They soon got a good rhythm going and it truly felt awesome. My pussy felt so full and so wonderfully stretched. I orgasmed strongly several times as they pounded me.

Peter rammed his cock harder and harder into me and then .. as they both fucked me furiously .. he grunted loudly and started unloading his lovely hot cum deep inside my pussy. Feeling his hot load pump into my pussy brought me to another orgasm but there was no way I had had enough!! A wave of ecstasy raced through me as Kyle started to fuck me even faster now. My pussy felt so sloppy with Peter’s cum inside me.

Peter pulled out after his orgasm and sat back to watch. Now I only had Kyle inside me and with my cunt full of hot cum (you all know how much Peter can cum) he was able to fuck me REALLY fast. I was soon cumming again as Kyle pounded me for all he was worth. It was awesome. Being young and fit, Kyle was able to fuck me hard and fast for several minutes and in that time I had a series of multiple orgasms. I so love fucking younger guys. Not that older guys aren’t awesome too but there is something extra special about a younger guy 🙂

Soon Kyle’s cock began to swell inside me and he started to moan as he rammed his cock deep and fast into me. Then he buried his cock hard inside me and began to pump his seed into me. With a second load of hot cum pumping into me the feeling was so incredible another orgasm raced through me 🙂

With my pussy well pleased and flooded in semen I rolled off Kyle. I could feel their cum all over me and I loved it.

After a cool drink and a chat we fucked some more and I got more yummy cum squirted into me. A little after that it was time for Kyle to leave. He said he’d love to catch up again before he left but didn’t know if he’d be able to .. if not we’d definitely see him next time he was in town 🙂