Italian Ass Fuck

Mario is a guy we met at the Trapeze Club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was the first time my wife and I had ever been to this particular club and we weren’t doing anything but observing. After having a nice buffet dinner we were checking out the different rooms and the ones we were most interested in required us to take our clothes off and don robes. This was fine with me as I was fantasizing about my wife fucking a few men in a private room. Anyway we met Mario as we watch a bunch of people fucking in a room full of mattresses. He was from New York living in Miami Beach now. He was watching his date fucking this guy and introduced himself to us. After a few minutes his date joined us and we found a table to sit for a while and have a drink.

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Know Your Bull/Master

Know your Bull, ladies and gents, white hubbies, slut wives, GFs and BFs. Take it as if it were a commandment from me. You may not like it when I say this, or think of it as a waste of time, but from my experience, fucking goes better once you know that all other options have been taken care of. Think of it like you’re a stunt man driving a fast car down a lone highway. You want to march your foot down on that pedal and burn rubber like you want the bitch to race off into the moon, the last thing you want is to see some porthole along the way that might make you veer off course. Thus is the reason for this article.

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Elisa Dreams



elisa_010Introducing Elisa, a Brazilian – French amateur living in France. This is her personal website, Elisa Dreams, operated by her and her husband. She also has a French language version if you prefer that one. Elisa will be featured regularly on Voyeur Monkey, so I hope you enjoy her photos and videos. Please take a tour of her website and learn about this beautiful slut wife.

Confused White Woman

Someone shared this with me. I thought it was interesting…

I’m a married white female in my early 30’s. I have blond hair and am what most men would consider to be good looking. My husband and I have been married for six years. I recently discovered he has been looking at interracial porn on the internet, basically black men having sex with white women. There seems to be an underlying theme of White Wives cheating on their husbands with well-endowed black men, sometimes with the white husbands being forced to watch.

This was a very disturbing discovery for me. I was appalled and surprised that my husband has so much of this stuff on his computer and in his internet history. What’s even worse is he looks at “cuckold” porn and many of the women in these videos have the same look that I do, thin, white women with blond hair and blue eyes. If you do not know what interracial cuckold is, it’s porn where a white man watches his wife have sex with a black man. The black man always has a much larger penis and the white man is verbally and physically humiliated by his wife and the black man. Why does my husband look at this stuff? Is it possible that he is thinking of me while he watches it? Why would he fantasize and masturbate to thoughts of me with black men?

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Sharing My Hot Wife

Ray Davidson and his wife, Suzanne, have been in the “hot wife/cuckold” lifestyle for a few years now. With Suzanne, a willing partner, they decided to explore this fantasy in an effort to add some spice to their 13 year old marriage. Ray finally realized his fantasy of sharing Suzanne with other men, in fact, over 22 different men since starting. These stories are true and reflect the erotic adventures they have had and continue to have with Suzanne’s lovers. As for Suzanne, after getting over her initial trepidation, she enthusiastically endorsed her husband’s desire for an open marriage. It has introduced fireworks into their relationship and increased their erotic desire for each other more then they ever imagined. Join them in some of their adventures in this collection of real personal short stories.

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My Hot Wife’s 4some

Last weekend at our sex club my hot wife Suzanne finally got fucked by 3 men including myself. There are two guys my wife likes to fuck when we go to our club, but generally they are not there at the same time. So it was a pleasant surprise to find them both there when we arrived. I immediately suggested we all go find a mattress and after a few minutes my lovely wife agreed.

Chas is a thirty-something accountant and David is a black therapist with a solid 9″ cock. Chas has a nice 7″ cock can fuck all night but has a hard time cumming. The two times David has fucked my wife he’s cum in her mouth each time with a massive load which she loves to swallow.

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Training my wife’s pussy

One of the first things I did in my quest to make my wife a hot wife was introduce her pussy to a huge black cock dildo. We’ve played with dildoes for years but I wanted to create a desire for something huge that filled up her tight pussy.

I bought this exact dildo and it was the best investment I ever made. My wife has a super tight pussy so it takes a slow approach to work it up into her. I used plenty of lube the first time, but later on, she did not want the lube, she wanted the friction.

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Fucking on a Sunday Afternoon

My wife just left to spend the afternoon fucking her lover in a motel a few miles away. As I sit here with a raging hard-on, I’m contemplating how I arrived to this point in my marriage. Make no mistake, I wanted this to happen and I worked long and hard to make it happen. I love sharing my wife with other men. My wife is a slut which makes her the perfect woman for me. One of the biggest secrets out there is how many men fantasize about watching their wives fuck another man.

We met Craig at our local sex club a few weeks ago. We like to go on Wednesday nights because the club allows single guys on that night. What we look for is an interesting man that’s attractive to my wife. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we just dance. Craig was just the type my wife loves, tall with blue eyes. He had an engaging personality and after dancing with my wife for a few songs had her in the palm of his hand. She suggested we go back to a private room. I decided to just watch since this was her first time with him. What I wasn’t prepared for was the size of his cock. It was huge! I guess we should have expected that. Most single guys that go to a club like ours are hung and my wife is a size queen.

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Our first threesome

Our first threesome happened by accident, somewhat. My wife and I have talked about the possibility, the fantasy I have of watching her fuck another guy, and she enjoyed hearing about it and it always got us both pretty hot. This fantasy stayed just that until one Saturday night we were out on the town.weddingring

We met Chris, an old college friend, at a nightclub. Chris is from a town about 60 miles away, he was down with some of his friends for a sporting event and decided to go get few drinks after the game. He came over to our table and never left. We were having a great time all three of us, he was obviously very attracted to Dianna, and she was to him. I remember how many guys were after my then girlfriend, he was one of them. The two of them danced and were making very suggestive moves and joking about it all night and I enjoyed watching her act so sexy and uninhibited.

It was getting late and we had few drinks, so I asked him if he wanted to spend the night at our place and we’ll take him back home the next morning. Dianna agreed to it, and he said it was fine with him. I saw the spark in her eyes as she urged him to stay and I licked my lips in anticipation to what I hoped would happen later on that night. My mind was racing through lots of scenarios to set things up so we can finally act up this fantasy.

It turned out that Chris had told Dianna sometime before we left the club how much she used to turn him on and how he used to fantasize about her. She had replied to him that she finds him very attractive and it’s still not too late! I found that out when we got to our bedroom after we got him settled in the guest room. She told me about their conversations, and when I asked what she means, she just came out and said that she wants to fuck him! I remember getting one of those instant hard-on and I told her it was okay with me. I told her I want to watch but she said for me to wait and see if he’ll go for it. She promised to tell me all about it either way.

Fucking the Neighbor

My wife just finished fucking our neighbor in one of the wildest coincidences ever. We’ve had a membership on Adult Friend Finder for a couple of months when Barry contacted her and she got interested in him through his profile. He wrote a very detailed description of himself and what he liked and was very flattering to my wife about her photos. The fact that he was black and did not have any cock pictures in his profile interested her enough to arrange a cuppa at Starbucks. She told Barry that she was bringing me, her husband, because I wanted to meet him. She explained that she liked to play with and without me, but he needed to meet me anyway. It was his call as to whether this was something he could deal with, but that’s the  way it was. As with all the black guys we have met, he had no problem at all with that and was looking forward to meeting us both. He told my wife he has been married for 16 years, loves his wife and has no desire to cause her any issues, but he would like to have sex a lot more than she is willing to give him. We told him we certainly understood because we chose this lifestyle ourselves to keep our sex life fresh.

We met at the Starbucks a block from where we live. Barry was a decent looking guy that happened to be as tall as I am, about 6′ 4″. He works in the healthcare industry and has lived less than a block away from us for over 12 years. That we had never seen him at the grocery store or gas station is just amazing. After talking for about 15 minutes, I excused myself and left. I like to leave my wife alone with a new man so she can relax and get to know him better without me being there. When we meet someone for coffee for the first time we always arrange things so if my wife likes the guy and wants to fuck him right away she can bring him home. I expected her to call me and tell me they were coming to the apartment because I could see that she was attracted to him. She did call but said they had walked to where his car was parked after she had invited him over, but he told her he did not have the time and had not expected anything for this first meeting.

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