Take my panties off

Once when we were at Club Sapphire, my husband mentioned to him that he wishes I were naughtier than I am and would not wear panties under my skirt (that day I was dressed in a short leather skirt, and yes, I had my lace panties on with high heels). We laughed it off.

He invited me for a dance. We were the first couple to on the floor. We were just dancing and then slowly he pulled me close to his body and we start softly rubbing against each other… back and forth. His hand was on my back, his fingers softly moving against the fabric of my skirt applying pressure to my behind. I could taste his scent through his kisses. I was silently screaming for more. I whispered in his ear “take my panties off”. He asked: “right here on the dance floor?” “Yes, do it”, I replied.His whole character changed as I leaned close to his body and felt how hard his cock had gotten. Now feeling the warmth of his body against mine, he kept his fingers moving on my butt and thighs as he moved his hand under my skirt touching my skin. It was just a simple touch but signaling so much sexuality that it made me gasp when he went down on his knees to slowly take my panties down. I think my knees were about to give way as he run his hand between my thighs to caress my very wet pussy.He was forced to tighten his hold on me to keep me from sinking down on the floor as he stood up. He was trying to give me my panties when I said: ”Give them to my husband. He was the one who asked for them.” I felt how his muscles tensed up when he had to walk cross the dance floor to give my husband my soaking wet panties in front of everyone watching.

Ooh la la, needless to say that night was a wonderful night!

Confused White Woman

Someone shared this with me. I thought it was interesting…

I’m a married white female in my early 30’s. I have blond hair and am what most men would consider to be good looking. My husband and I have been married for six years. I recently discovered he has been looking at interracial porn on the internet, basically black men having sex with white women. There seems to be an underlying theme of White Wives cheating on their husbands with well-endowed black men, sometimes with the white husbands being forced to watch.

This was a very disturbing discovery for me. I was appalled and surprised that my husband has so much of this stuff on his computer and in his internet history. What’s even worse is he looks at “cuckold” porn and many of the women in these videos have the same look that I do, thin, white women with blond hair and blue eyes. If you do not know what interracial cuckold is, it’s porn where a white man watches his wife have sex with a black man. The black man always has a much larger penis and the white man is verbally and physically humiliated by his wife and the black man. Why does my husband look at this stuff? Is it possible that he is thinking of me while he watches it? Why would he fantasize and masturbate to thoughts of me with black men?

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Fucking on a Sunday Afternoon

My wife just left to spend the afternoon fucking her lover in a motel a few miles away. As I sit here with a raging hard-on, I’m contemplating how I arrived to this point in my marriage. Make no mistake, I wanted this to happen and I worked long and hard to make it happen. I love sharing my wife with other men. My wife is a slut which makes her the perfect woman for me. One of the biggest secrets out there is how many men fantasize about watching their wives fuck another man.

We met Craig at our local sex club a few weeks ago. We like to go on Wednesday nights because the club allows single guys on that night. What we look for is an interesting man that’s attractive to my wife. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we just dance. Craig was just the type my wife loves, tall with blue eyes. He had an engaging personality and after dancing with my wife for a few songs had her in the palm of his hand. She suggested we go back to a private room. I decided to just watch since this was her first time with him. What I wasn’t prepared for was the size of his cock. It was huge! I guess we should have expected that. Most single guys that go to a club like ours are hung and my wife is a size queen.

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