Black Gentleman for Couple – m4mw – 32

The ad in Craigslist went like this:

6’4 athletic build gentleman , looking for a Caucasian or Hispanic couple who is looking to play with no strings attached. I’m not Bi and do not wish to receive ads where the husband or boyfriend is Bi. I can host any day or night with prior arrangement. I will provide a number and facial pic on next email.. If you are serious I would advise to put “BBC” in the subject line so I can weed out the annoying spam or fakers.
Thank you”

This ad in Craigslist caught my eye the other day. I showed the photos to my wife which instantly peaked her interest. She said, write him and ask him to send a face photo so I can see if the rest of him looks as good as his cock! The man has an amazingly sexy penis and I’m getting hard imagining him pushing it deep inside of my wife’s pussy. My wife loves that he shaves, she is not turned on in the least by body hair. His cock is the exact size my wife is looking for in a new lover. She can comfortably take every inch of it in her pussy and ass. And she loves sucking and licking on a big black hard cock until she can swallow everything it offers. I sent him an email with a couple of my wife’s face pics and we are waiting on his answer now. As soon as we get it, I will continue this story.

It took a couple of days for this fellow Alex to get back to us. We arranged a meeting this afternoon at Starbucks. I told my wife if she liked the way he looked let’s just leave immediately for our place and we’ll fuck. Alex showed up 15 minutes late looking exceptionally handsome. My wife could barely keep her hands off of him and suggested we leave before he even had a chance to sit down. It’s not too often my wife gets turned on like this, so I just hung on for the ride. She wanted to ride to our place with him so I let her. She told me she had his cock in her mouth before they even pulled out of the parking lot.

Alex was all over my wife the moment we walked into our living room. I just stayed out of the way. They weren’t paying attention to me in the least. Alex was busying stripping my wife out of her clothes which was no easy task considering she was on her knees sucking his substantial penis. Suddenly Alex said he was cumming in my wife’s mouth. I watched my wife’s surprised face as she endeavored to swallow Alex’s load. Very sexy and I had a boner hard as stone. Alex apparently was filling my wife’s mouth to overflowing. His cum was dripping down her chin even as she was swallowing as much as she could. Finally all she could say was “Wow, you cum a lot!”

Holding his cock, my wife was using both hands to milk the last drops of cum out of his still hard shaft. I don’t think Alex expected to cum as soon as he walked in the door. He started taking off his clothes and that huge cock stayed hard while he did it. Naked, he pulled my wife to her feet and started kissing her with his tongue deep in her mouth. Normally my wife isn’t one for kissing someone she just met. She’ll let them fuck her pussy, fuck her ass and even cum in her mouth, but kissing is off-limits till she gets to know a man. I guess Alex had her so wound up she didn’t care and was kissing him back as hard as she could.

Standing in the living room, Alex turned my wife around and bent her over the chair. He looked over at me and said come put my cock in your wife’s pussy. So I walked over and got down on my knees and got a hold of his rigid cock and started rubbing the head up and down my wife’s slit. My wife’s pussy is soaking wet and dripping and her hole is dilated and ready to receive his cock. Slowly I pulled his cock to my mouth and started sucking the head to get it nice and wet before sticking in my wife’s cunt. He buried right to the hilt in one thrust and my wife started grunting. There’s no other way to describe it, just a primal grunt every time he fucked into her. “Can you feel it?” she asked. I knew she was referring to his cock smashing against her uterus, something that sent her into a massive orgasm right off the bat. It’s a feeling only a man with a long cock gets to enjoy. The rest of us will never know. She started her first orgasm and Alex shifted into high gear giving her that fuck that black guys like to toss into white wives in front of their husbands. Where they know that you will never, ever give this kind of fucking to your own wife no matter what. Of course they’re right, that’s why we use big dicked black men to fuck our willing wives.

Alex fucked my wife so hard I swear he was going to do some damage. But the only damage was to my ego. Watching that massive pole plunging in and out of my wife’s swollen cunt lips building up a ring of white cream at the base of his cock had my little 6 incher hard as a cucumber. I was about to start wondering if Alex was going to be able to cum again so quickly after shooting off in my wife’s mouth 10 minutes earlier.  His heavy breathing as he increased his thrusts into my wife signaled that he was busting his nut deep inside my wife. Nicely done. I wish I were young again with enough testosterone to cum twice in such a short amount of time. With his cock deep in her pussy, she’s begging him to leave it in for a minute. But like most men, when your done, your done. That big old cock just literally slid right out of her cunt and slapped his thigh. A big dollop of cum dropped out and splattered on the floor. My wife turned around an slumped back on the couch and Alex turned to me and said “clean me up”. With my wife watching I proceeded to suck his cock clean, licking around the base and his balls until I had lapped up all of their juices. My wife gently said, “Honey, it’s my turn now, it’s a real mess down there so I need you to do a good job!” As I sucked her pussy clean I looked up to see Alex feeding his cock into her mouth again. I thought surely he can’t get hard a third time this quickly. It didn’t matter, he was soft enough for my wife to suck it all in and I was busy sucking his cum out of her pussy. We were all pretty satisfied.

After Alex left, my wonderful wife allowed me to fuck her and add my load to her cum filled pussy. She even got another orgasm out of it!



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