My Wife gets Nine

Rashid has been fucking my wife for a few months now. I record them using a web cam on my wife’s computer in our bedroom. I was surprised when my wife told me about him when she first met him and very surprised that he was black. Then I started putting two and two together. Although my wife has told me many times that she has no preference in men, I realized that she most certainly does. She’s had sex with over 60 men since we started the cuckold lifestyle in 2008. Thirteen of them have been black, all with huge cocks. Two of them have been Haitian. Watching videos of them fucking my wife made me realize how strongly she responded to them sexually. I hadn’t put it together until she told me about Rashid.

From the first time he fucked her he never used a condom. That was in the back seat of his car. My wife met him for coffee one evening and they went to his car in the parking lot and he fucked her for an hour there. She has never done that before! The second date, he took her to a casino for dinner and on the way back home she sucked his cock in the car. They parked in another empty parking lot and he had just put his cock into her in the back seat when a cop knocked on the window and told them to get a hotel room. Now Rashid is Haitian and I’ve seen before how she pays attention to them. Everyone of them is a stocky, medium built man with a slight pot belly. Not much taller than she is. None of them particularly handsome, but they have a rugged look to them and I guess that’s what turns her on so much. That and the fact that they all seem to have huge thick cocks!

In the first video here, he slams his 9 inch cock into her as deep and hard as he can My wife opened her legs wide to accept everything he could give her. She loves it really deep and loves the feeling of a man punching her cervix. After a solid fucking, he drops a huge load into her fertile pussy and rolls off.

Watch my wife’s feet, when she points her toes like that she is really getting off on his fuck. After she cums, she just relaxes but only for a few seconds before his pumping starts her up again for her second orgasm. Classic porn fucking and he’s even wearing black socks! . He is now her favorite lover and all he has to do is call her and she will drop everything to let him fuck her and he can fuck her anywhere he wants. As for me, I just get sloppy seconds.

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