You Might be a Cuckold If…

Are you curious about cuckolding, but not sure it is for you, or not sure if you qualify as a cuckold? Here are a just few signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold. The fact that you are here should already by your first clue, but nevertheless, here are some other signs.

Queen of Spades Temporary Tattoos

tumblr_m5n76nh7wd1r44hheo1_500One of my great pleasures as a cuckold is my wife’s predilection for black cock. My wife, Suzanne, has fucked 36 different men over the past few years. Many of them were black with exceptionally large cocks. She decided that she loves being a black cock slut and prefers the way black men fuck her. The hardest part is actually finding a man to fuck her believe it or not. We used to find men on Craigslist, but that’s not an option anymore because of the crazies. Sometimes we luck out at our local swing club, still not as often as we would like. She wears an ankle bracelet, a sure signal to those in the know that she is a hot wife. That’s a good conversation starter. But what we have found that works every time is a Queen of Spades tattoo. Actually a temporary tattoo, although some of our acquaintances have gotten permanent ones.

Wearing a Queen of Spades tattoo is for women who prefer sex with black men. It’s the perfect way to discreetly and inexpensively advertise her preference for BBC. It helps my wife’s potential black lovers identify her at parties, at nightclubs, or even at the supermarket! And she has met one of her lovers shopping for groceries. It also let’s white men know that they would be wasting their time with her.

It can be wore on any conspicuous place on her body. My wife prefers to wear hers on her ankle. It’s easily removed before she goes to work the next morning. It will be noticed, I guarantee. Only when you are actively involved in the cuckold lifestyle do you realize how many other men enjoy sharing their hot wives. Black men already know this and they are not shy about approaching my wife.

queenofspadesOnce your wife goes black, she will never go back!

You Might be a Cuckold If:

Are you curious about cuckolding, but not sure it is for you, or not sure if you qualify as a cuckold? Here are a just few signs to help you determine if you are a cuckold. The fact that you are here should already by your first clue, but nevertheless, here are some other signs.

Signs You May be a Cuckold

  • You crave creampies, and not the kind made by Hostess or Little Debbie.
  • It turns you on to hear all about your wife’s past sexual experiences.
  • Your dick gets hard just thinking of another man fucking your wife.
  • You are a little short in the penis department- with merely an average or even a small penis.
  • You find yourself staring at cocks in the shower at the gym, wondering what it would look like going in and out of your wife’s pussy
  • It excites you to see other men ogling over your hot wife; in fact you prefer she dresses more like a slut wife to get more attention.
  • You would rather watch a big cock fuck your wife than to have sex with her yourself.
  • The ultimate cunnilingus experience revolves around your hotwife telling you about her past lovers while you eat her pussy, with or without the presence of a creampie.
  • You think about fluffing a big bull and eating your wife’s dirty pussy more than you think about having sex with your wife.
  • You realize your wife is going to stray anyway since you don’t have what it takes to please her, so you might as well get to watch.

There you have it, cuckies! Confirmation of what you undoubtedly already knew!

Italian Ass Fuck

Mario is a guy we met at the Trapeze Club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was the first time my wife and I had ever been to this particular club and we weren’t doing anything but observing. After having a nice buffet dinner we were checking out the different rooms and the ones we were most interested in required us to take our clothes off and don robes. This was fine with me as I was fantasizing about my wife fucking a few men in a private room. Anyway we met Mario as we watch a bunch of people fucking in a room full of mattresses. He was from New York living in Miami Beach now. He was watching his date fucking this guy and introduced himself to us. After a few minutes his date joined us and we found a table to sit for a while and have a drink.

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Know Your Bull/Master

Know your Bull, ladies and gents, white hubbies, slut wives, GFs and BFs. Take it as if it were a commandment from me. You may not like it when I say this, or think of it as a waste of time, but from my experience, fucking goes better once you know that all other options have been taken care of. Think of it like you’re a stunt man driving a fast car down a lone highway. You want to march your foot down on that pedal and burn rubber like you want the bitch to race off into the moon, the last thing you want is to see some porthole along the way that might make you veer off course. Thus is the reason for this article.

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Elisa Dreams



elisa_010Introducing Elisa, a Brazilian – French amateur living in France. This is her personal website, Elisa Dreams, operated by her and her husband. She also has a French language version if you prefer that one. Elisa will be featured regularly on Voyeur Monkey, so I hope you enjoy her photos and videos. Please take a tour of her website and learn about this beautiful slut wife.

Confused White Woman

Someone shared this with me. I thought it was interesting…

I’m a married white female in my early 30’s. I have blond hair and am what most men would consider to be good looking. My husband and I have been married for six years. I recently discovered he has been looking at interracial porn on the internet, basically black men having sex with white women. There seems to be an underlying theme of White Wives cheating on their husbands with well-endowed black men, sometimes with the white husbands being forced to watch.

This was a very disturbing discovery for me. I was appalled and surprised that my husband has so much of this stuff on his computer and in his internet history. What’s even worse is he looks at “cuckold” porn and many of the women in these videos have the same look that I do, thin, white women with blond hair and blue eyes. If you do not know what interracial cuckold is, it’s porn where a white man watches his wife have sex with a black man. The black man always has a much larger penis and the white man is verbally and physically humiliated by his wife and the black man. Why does my husband look at this stuff? Is it possible that he is thinking of me while he watches it? Why would he fantasize and masturbate to thoughts of me with black men?

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