True cuckolding

True cuckolding is when your wife has sex with another guy… and you don’t know about it ahead of time… much less approve of it. Instead, she just does it, you find out, and you’re forced to accept it.

If she cheated on you with a black guy while you were dating… and you forgave her… guess what’s going to happen after you marry her?

The more your wife’s bull fucks you in the ass the more your ass looks like pussy.

Before she started dating you, she fucked like a hundred black guys in college. What did you think her pussy was gonna look like?

Black men. If you date them, you better be ready to suck a lot of cock.

Found: My Hot Wife’s First Journal entries

These are from my wife’s first sex diary she started keeping shortly after I introduced her to this lifestyle. At the time we also started a personal website for her, but later had to close it before it caused problems for her at her job. Start reading from the bottom up.APRIL 24, 20..

Not very much of interest going on lately. I certainly have not been getting fucked like I would like. You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to get laid. There are any number of my male acquaintances that know they can fuck me at the drop of a hat. My poor cuckold hubby, even he won’t fuck me! I’m supposed to go to the sex club again sometime this week, I guess I will get what I want there.

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Cuckhold / Hot Wife

A “Cuckhold” husband is someone who finds the idea of his wife having sexual flings with other men highly arrousing and stimulating. The “Cuckhold” husband attempts to convince his wife to embark on sexual flings with other men, and if successful in this, he will then seek out a man who makes the most desireable partner ( in the husbands view ! ) for his wife. too muchIn the case of White Cuckhold husbands, it is almost universal that a bigger, stronger, exceptionally athletic ( and possibly younger ) Black male will be considered as the most acceptable partner for the wife.

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My Wild Weekend, pt. 2

After my wonderfully wild Saturday morning of illicit sex, the guys wanted to go out on our sailboat for the rest of the day. We had already invited a couple of our friends to go and planned on a relaxing easygoing afternoon of sailing on Biscayne Bay. Over coffee my husband was unusually attentive to me. More affectionate than he normally is. I was nervous that he might suspect something though I couldn’t see how. I asked him why he was acting this way.


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