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A “Cuckhold” husband is someone who finds the idea of his wife having sexual flings with other men highly arrousing and stimulating. The “Cuckhold” husband attempts to convince his wife to embark on sexual flings with other men, and if successful in this, he will then seek out a man who makes the most desireable partner ( in the husbands view ! ) for his wife. too muchIn the case of White Cuckhold husbands, it is almost universal that a bigger, stronger, exceptionally athletic ( and possibly younger ) Black male will be considered as the most acceptable partner for the wife.

There are a number of reasons for this. First; this type of Black male is seen as physically superior and thus far more able and capable in terms of sexual activity than the Cuckhold considers himself to be. The logic behind this choice of sex partners is that if the other male is bigger, stronger, far more athletic, and possibly younger, the wife will receive the maximum in terms of sexual stimulation, long-lasting intercourse, and the experience of many exotic positions during intercourse due to the greater strength and endowment of the chosen Black male. 139_1000Second; In the mind of the Cuckhold husband, a Black male represents more of an exciting “taboo” union for a married White woman than would another White man. Tied into this is the contrast of skin color and the erotic visual it provides when the wife and sex partner are having sex. Third; the White Cuckhold male wants a number of things to result from the sexual union between his wife and the chosen sex partner. These are:

1. He wants his wife “tamed” or overwhelmed sexually – he wants her “taken and made to like it” so to speak, or “put in her place” sexually.

2. He wants his wife to experience sexual stimulation, excitement, and intercourse which is far greater in intensity and which lasts far longer than the Cuckhold himself can provide the wife with.blonde

3. He wants his wife to openly acknowledge that the sex partner is far superior to him ( the husband ) both physically and sexually, and when she does this, he is provided with a genuine feeling of being “put in his place” and may often exhibit submissive behavior toward his wife and her sex partner. In other words, the Cuckhold desires to be dominated in this way as much as he desires his wife to be dominated and overwhelmed by the sex partner.

4. He wants his wife to feel sexually uninhibited and unrestrained and feels that such intense sex experiences will take her to this condition.

5. He wants to feel inferior and submissive and will be exceptionally enthusiastic about his wife and her sex partner playing in the couple’s home rather than in some other location. When the wife and sex partner do this, the husband will watch and experience intense sexual arrousal at seeing his wife being “serviced” by the partner who the husband considers as being physically far superior  to himself.friend-wife-fucked-photo

THE WIFE who finds herself married to a Cuckhold husband will go through a number of emotional experiences and behavioral stanges before she actually achieves the status of “Hot Wife” – a wife who is openly sexually active with other males. According to reseach done by several psychologists, women tend to initially respond to their husband’s suggestions and requests and coaxings for sex with another male with shock, dismay, and revulsion. These emotions are followed closely by genuine worry over whether the husband has lost interest in her sexually, and/or whether the husband is angry at her and seeking to degrade her, and/or whether the husband no longer loves her and their marriage is in danger. In almost all cases studied by psychologists, Cuckhold males manage to get around this initial blockade of negative emotions and worry by constantly reassuring the wife about existing love and how having sex with another male is really “okay”. The Cuckhold husband will make every effort to calm his wife’s fears and worries and get rid of her anger and revulsion by bringing up the subject and doing everything possible to convice her that he not only wants her to take a sex partner, but that he wants her to “expand her sexual horizons”, “experience greater sexual pleasure and stimulation and excitement” etc. It is at this stage where the wife will either reject the husband’s suggestions completely and absolutely refuse to consider it further ( in which case the husband must either give up and hold onto the idea as mere fantasy, or allow the wife to totally relax and calm down and then try to convice her again at a much later date ). Or, the wife may grudgingly agree or at least show mild interest in the idea of participating in a sexual fling with a strange male of another race. If she shows interest, it is never intense interest. Women confronted with these suggestions and desires on the part of their husbands almost always try to hide any genuine excitement they may be feeling – usually because they don’t want to admit to their husbands that they find the idea really captivating and thus they avoid having to admit that the husband have had a good idea. Also, most women take a long time to get over feelings that their husbands want to “Farm them out” or “Lend” them to another male. These feelings are not at all accurate according to the research into what motivates the Cuckhold husband, but nevertheless  the wives of these men still tend to think and feel along very negative lines holding that they are somehow being abused by their spouse through such an arrangement. However, if the wife moves from stubborn refusal to grudingly willing, she usually proceeds in the following ways:condom-off

1. She will routinely seek verification from her husband that it is REALLY “okay” with him if she has a sexual fling.

2. She will experience very nervous states over meeting the sex partner her husband choses for her.

3. She will have second thoughts and “almost” pull out of the arrangement several times after meeting the sex partner, but before actually having sex with him.

4. She will eventually have sex with the partner, and after doing so, she will again seek confirmation from her husband that he is still “okay” with what has taken place.

5. She will tend to wait for her husband to suggest that she meet with the sex partner for a second time before having sex once again. She might state that the partner wants to “see her again”, but this is to get the husband to state that he agrees with her continuing with her association with the partner.

6. She will ( sooner or later after the second meeting ) begin having regular sex with the sex partner, and will gradually but steadily become more brazen about flaunting her relationship with the partner in public, as well as by bringing the partner to the home for sex.creampie2

7. She will cease asking her husband for permission to meet the partner and will take control of the situation and orchestrate the meetings according to her own desires and time table.

Once a sexual fling begins between these wives and their sex partners, it can continue for months or even years on a steady basis and will usually become a fixture within the marriage dynamic.creampie

THE SEX PARTNER will usually be found by the Cuckhold husband by him approaching Black friends, acquaintances, or co-workers at his place of employement. If this is not the case, the husband will actively network with people he knows in order to locate a potential sex partner for his wife. The sex partner usually expresses disbelief and amazement when approached by the husband and hearing the offer of sex with the husband’s wife. The sex partner can ( and usually does ) take the offer as a joke, and must be reassured over time by the husband before realizing that the offer is genuine. Once this happens, research shows that most men who become the sex partner go through a period of nervousness and worry – to the point where they seek the advice of the husband about how to talk to the wife, what her interests are, and what she may enjoy in bed, etc. Once the husband manages to calm the potential sex partner down and get him on track toward a meeting with the wife, the potential partner will usually become enthusiastic and very willing. The first meeting with the wife tends to be awkward, especially if the wife does not openly express interest in the partner. However, once the “ice is broken”, the sexual fling proceeds very quickly and the wife and partner are soon having sex – first at a location other than the couple’s home and then in the couple’s home.

THE MARRIAGE of the couple undergoes an evolution during and after the fling. Rarely do these marriages end. Usually both spouses become more comfortable with one another and also more open. There tends to be a contentment which settles in, and also both spouses experience more satisfaction when having sex together. The husband finds his wife “HOT” and very erotic and exciting, and the wife enjoys the husband’s new and far more intense attention level. If the wife happens to become pregnant during her fling, the couple usually has the child and adopts it as their own. But in most instances, protection is used ( and the sex partner undergoes a medical to eliminate the possibility of STD’s before any sex takes place with the wife ).its_not_cheating_if_my_my_husband_watches

Once the couple goes through one sexual fling on the wife’s part, they tend to keep this activitiy going. If the original sex partner becomes unavailable for whatever reason, the husband will begin the process of seeking out a new partner for the wife, and in such cases the wife will be openly willing and excited about it. She may even help him in his search and offer input about the type, age, size, etc. of sex partner she desires to have.

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