My Wild Weekend, pt. 2

After my wonderfully wild Saturday morning of illicit sex, the guys wanted to go out on our sailboat for the rest of the day. We had already invited a couple of our friends to go and planned on a relaxing easygoing afternoon of sailing on Biscayne Bay. Over coffee my husband was unusually attentive to me. More affectionate than he normally is. I was nervous that he might suspect something though I couldn’t see how. I asked him why he was acting this way.

waterHe whispered that the way I responded to his lovemaking this morning really turned him on! He asked if it was because of Jim’s visit. I asked what he meant by that. He said he thought it might have turned me on a little because of all the flirting last night. I said it might have, but it also could have been his talented tongue and rigid penis. I think he accepted that. But I also think he was thinking of his favorite fantasy of having me in bed with him and another man. He brings it up often in the heat of our lovemaking and we use it together as a way to heighten our pleasure. But I’ve told him so many times that I would never do it in real life.

And in truth, until today, I never considered it could be a reality. What happened this morning told me I have some slut in me and I thought I might like to see where that goes. Standing next to me in the kitchen with me rubbing his hard cock through his shorts, he kissed me and went to prepare our boat. I started getting picnic supplies together. Jim was in the shower and our other friends were on their way over. I was wet again. I thought I’m just going to drip all day. It was a delicious feeling even though I was thoroughly satiated sexually.

Thoughts of two men taking me, using me, and cumming in me ran through my mind constantly as I prepared our food. Leaning over the sink I feel Jim come up behind me and press his very large erection against my behind. He starts to lift my bathrobe and as much as I wanted to let him, I stop him. I tell him to behave himself and have some coffee. I want to keep some distance between us. I’m thinking of how I can control the situation. My pussy just isn’t here for his convenience, but I want his cock at my beck and call. I think it would be fun to try to keep them both erect as much as I can this afternoon.

I send him outside to help my husband. As much as I think my husband would be amenable to inviting Jim into our bed, I want to explore some things without him knowing. I know my husband, he likes to fuck me on the boat and he’s probably thinking of a way to do it even knowing we’ll have guests aboard. Not that that has ever stopped us before. But I’m also sure Jim is thinking the same thing. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that two men are so hot for me.

I wish I could have them both at the same time without any fear of an emotional catastrophe. Maybe not this weekend, but someday. I need to explore some of my sexual desires first. It was just too exciting having Jim without my husband knowing. The thought of my husband sucking and licking Jim’s cum out of me this morning causes me to want to rub my swollen sore clit.


Even with 5 of us on the boat there’s plenty of room. Laura and her husband, Gary, have joined us. Both having met Jim before, were comfortable and enjoying his company. We had sailed a few miles into the bay and tossed the anchor to have lunch and swim a while. Gary and Jim decided to scuba dive. My husband stayed on board. I knew what he had in mind for me.

Laura was forward on the bow sun tanning. She has a luscious body that I would like to have some fun with someday. My new sexuality was blooming. I let my bi-curious feelings wash over me as I looked at her taut lean body. I wondered what that would be like. My husband took my hand and led me down into the galley. He was going to give me one of his fast hard fucks from behind. The kind I love the most.

Without ceremony, he bends me over the table and pulls my bikini bottoms aside and plunges his hard cock straight into my open wet hole. Holding my hips he fucks up into me as hard as he can, shooting almost immediately. He’s using my pussy to masturbate his cock with no thought for my pleasure. I liked to be taken like this it’s so primitive. I rarely cum when we fuck like this, but today as I felt his juices lubricate my pussy with warmth and slipperiness, I shudder with a powerful orgasm.

Very quickly, he pulls out and I feel his mouth enclose my vaginal lips. Sucking and scooping our juices out brings me to more orgasms. I’ve never had a lover that liked to do that to me after sex and I love it. Before my husband a man wouldn’t even kiss me after I sucked him off. That used to really piss me off. He won’t stop till he gets all the juice out of me he can. As he gets busy, a thought comes into my head. Why does my husband not want another woman in our bed? I thought that was every man’s fantasy. A thrilling image of my husband with Jim’s cock in his mouth sweeps through my mind. Where did that come from? That’s not a fantasy I want to explore.

When he’s finished with me, he grabs my hair and forces my head between his legs to clean him. I like it when he’s a little rough with me. I like a man who knows when to treat you like a slut. His semi-erect cock is slimy with white cum as I take him in my mouth.

We’ve just settled down on the fore deck with Laura when the guys come back aboard from their dive. Putting their gear away they join us. I go to the galley to get some snacks and drinks and Jim says he’ll help. Well, the first thing he does is stick his hands into my bikini and cup my moist pussy burying his finger up into me. I jerk away from him and tell him to behave. Then I slide my hand inside his trunks and grab his cock. It’s already half hard.

I think it will be fun watching him try to hide a stiff one in front of everyone. And it is an impressive erection. I find it hard to believe that I was able to accommodate a penis that big this morning. I feel myself blushing. Oh how I would like to be taken by him and fucked like a whore right now.

I reluctantly let go of him and hand him stuff to take forward to the others. He complains that he can’t go up there with his cock like this. I tell him to go to the forward cabin instead and hand everything out of the hatch. He can stay there and talk to everyone without them seeing his bulging swim trunks. As I carry the remaining items to him to hand up to everyone, it occurs to me that I might have Jim right where I want him. Standing on the bunks with the upper half of his body showing no one could see what was happening below.

Listening to everyone talk, I know there is no chance I can be caught as I pull Jim’s trunks down enough to expose his stiff shaft. I start to lick and suck the huge mushroom shaped head. I wish I could see his face while he tries to make conversation with my husband. Knowing his best friends wife is doing her best to stuff his cock down her throat. It doesn’t take long for him to cum. As I feel him start, I slip my finger deep into his anus. He squirts quite a bit for me to swallow, but I swallow every drop. Leaving him there with his deflating cock hanging out, I grab a coke to hide the taste of his cum and go back topside to sit with my husband.

Nobody has noticed a thing out of the ordinary except me. I am tingling with the excitement of two men ejaculating into me this afternoon. I’ve never been fucked so much in one day! I have to have Jim’s cock in me somehow. But there aren’t any other opportunities on the boat this afternoon. I really have to be careful around my husband now. Men sense things when another horny male is around their wives.

I know I must be giving pheromones advertising the availability of my hungry pussy. Jim’s lightened up on the flirting and I’m sure that could give my husband suspicious thoughts. Back at the house, everyone’s tired and sun burnt. As Jim and my husband put the boat away, I put everything else away and go take a shower. I wonder what’s going to happen tonight!




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