Complete sexual freedom for married women

A cuckold husband is a man who allows (or puts up with) his Wife having sexual affairs with other men. What most people find strange about this relationship is the fact that the husband himself is NOT allowed to cheat on his Wife. Most cuckolded husbands are most pleased to see their wives happy sexually, and are happy to make this sacrifice to please Her.

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3 cocks + hubby

I don’t think my wife conscientiously planned to be fucked by 3 men in one day it just worked out that way by happy accident. Let me tell you how it happened. My wife Suzanne’s long time lover got caught with my wife’s nude photos on his cell phone. Stupid, right? Nothing explicit, but pretty hard to explain away. It was kind of messy with a few phone calls from his pissed off wife to my wife. It wasn’t just her, it was every woman in his contacts. She called everyone, but never found out who he was fucking, but she sure as hell knows what she looks like now. Fortunately, things got settled down and quiet, but we thought it would be a few months before he figured out a way to get back between Suzanne’s legs. Meanwhile my wife is getting itchy for a new cock.


It used to be that I found the men that fucked her, but that changed as it is prone to do in a cuckold relationship. She took over control of deciding who she wanted to fuck her. Now I am constantly surprised at the men she selects for meetings or auditions as I like to call them. She tends to favor tall older men, especially married ones. I tended to favor younger black bucks with huge cocks. Now she likes a big cock and if the man she lets fuck her the first time doesn’t have something substantial in his pants he is not invited back. But I’m getting off track here.


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