So your Husband wants to share you?

Many women can’t understand why their husband’s or boyfriend’s want to share them.

Then, when they research the lifestyle, they see nothing but big black dudes humiliating a weak white husband.

This is called cuckolding and, while it’s a huge turn on for some, some women do not like it because they do not like to see their husband’s as “weak.”

I’m going to take a moment to speak to those confused women now…

What your husband wants for you is completely different, sweetheart. He wants you to be his “HotWife” and he will be your “Stag.”

He will remain your alpha. Your rock. Only he will let you have sex with other men.

The thought of sharing you will still make him a little jealous, but he will channel that jealousy into raw sexual energy. Instead of becoming humiliated, he will want to put you on a pedestal and show off his sexual prowess while reclaiming you.
You might even find him viewing your naughty pictures and videos instead of watching porn.
He is going to become completely infatuated with you.

Once you start sleeping with other men, your husband’s testosterone levels will increase by up to 30%.

You’ll notice that your husband’s erections are stiffer and last longer.
You’ll notice an increase in his energy and muscle mass.

This is nature’s way of producing powerful offspring. It’s called sperm competition and it is the highest honor a man can give the woman he loves.

You see sweetheart, once a male becomes married and monogamous, he loses all of nature’s benefits that make him more sexually competitive.

But you, his woman, have the ability to completely alter his hormones.
I don’t think you know how much power you have between your legs, sweetie.
Are you sure this isn’t turning you on?

You’re going to feel like a goddess when multiple men start competing for you. Your little pussy is going to start pumping out “fuck me” pheromones and you’ll get attention on a whole new level.
Are you ready to give this a try, little vixen?
You know you deserve this.

Send this post to your wife if you have enough confidence to share her but don’t know how to put it into words.

1 thought on “So your Husband wants to share you?”

  1. This is the total truth. I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed watching my wife fuck another man. My favorite part is where he starts to cum … my wife’s eyes look star struck as she watches his face contort in pleasure.

    I like to fuck her immediately after … but sometimes her stud and her like to watch me jerk off into the trash can … so she knows the only sperm in her is the stud’s. When that happens, we go to dinner afterwards and she teases me, saying … “What if the pill fails? Well … if he knocked me up, I’m going to have his baby. Did you see him? Oh, that body with all those muscles! When he started to shoot off in me I really wanted his sperm to knock me up. Honey, do you think it could happen? ”

    “I can imagine raising his baby … every time I look, I’ll remember how he used me for his pleasure … I will always remember being his fuckpiece … “

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