The Bull and the Cuckold

I met Mario through Craigslist when I was looking for a candidate to fuck my Asian wife Suzanne. We’ve met a couple of great lovers through Craigslist over the past couple of years and wanted to find another. A man named Mario had just posted an ad titled “BBC seeking couples” which caught my eye right away since I was looking for a black guy. BBC means big black cock in the lifestyle lingo. My particular fetish, if you can call it that, is sharing my wife with a very well endowed black man so this looked promising.

Mario was looking for a cuckold relationship as a Dom. When I contacted him, he told me he had been in the lifestyle for some time and had been looking for a couple like us. He loves taking control and directing the action and he especially gets turned on doing it with the husband present. After I had sent him a few photos of my wife I found out he had a foot fetish and my wife’s red toenails had really turned him on! He was also extremely excited that my wife was Asian as he was very attracted to Asians. He told me he had once had an Asian girlfriend and regretted that he had lost her to another man. We talked a bit about the cuckold fetish. He was very interested in what we thought about it and our fantasies about it. I told him that my wife Suzanne was, at this point, a hot wife willing to have sex with other men with me present, but so far, we had not taken it to this level and we were both interested to see if it was something we might enjoy.


I told him I was definitely a cuckold, but my wife wasn’t particularly aware of the fetish aspect of it or what it entailed. I mentioned we were not into humiliation or pain. We also hadn’t really met anyone that played into my cuckold fantasies. Mostly it was just about me watching other men fuck my wife and my wife loving it. That was about as far as it had gotten. I felt that to make the cuckold thing work, we had to be involved with a very dominant male that knew how to take control of both of us. I knew my wife would respond very sexually to an aggressive dominant male as she liked being a slut for the men she fucked.

Mario told me that it was not enough for him to say that he had an understanding of the cuckold game,  that it made more sense to say he was part of the cuckold lifestyle, because it is a lifestyle choice that’s not for everyone. He said he wanted a woman that doesn’t just want to be treated like a slut, but will be his slut while we’re together, but only in the interests of everyone having a good time. With that, he said, the humiliation aspect will come naturally, because I will have clean up duties when it’s all over. I ask him what clean up duty was all about. He told me it’s about what you would expect. “After I fuck your wife with my 8 1/2 inch cock, her pussy is going to be pretty messy with my cum and her juices. You will licking and sucking her pussy and ass with your tongue until it is all cleaned up”. I thought to myself, that doesn’t sound so bad. Then he said, “and after your finished with her, you will be cleaning my cock and balls with your tongue as well! After all, we want your wife to get a good understanding of where you stand in our new relationship.”

I really didn’t know how my wife would handle that. Once, a long time ago, we were in bed with an older Latin man that had advertised himself as bisexual. I sucked his cock in front of my wife to see if it would turn her on. It didn’t, she told us to continue and then left the room. I wasn’t sure how she would react this time with a dominant black man in control of us in our own bedroom. Would she lose all respect for me watching me lick and suck her black lovers genitals in front of her? The thought of me having to clean the cock and balls of the man that just fucked my wife had me reeling with excitement and, no matter what my wife thought, I wanted to do it!

Regarding our cuckold fantasies, they are mostly mine. My wife is not really familiar with the fetish aspect of our lifestyle. Over the past few years when we have had men in our bed I have participated some and mostly just watched. Most recently her long term lover did not even know about me. I would leave when he came over and wait until they were finished, then come back and have sex with her. Since they were not using condoms this was where I first exposed her my desire to “clean her pussy”. I requested that she not wipe herself after her lover came in her because I wanted to fuck her with his cum in her. But from the very first, I have immediately gone down on her and licked and sucked everything out of her pussy before I took my turn with her. I was very surprised to find that licking her well fucked pussy produced such a rock hard erection for me and so was Suzanne. The very first time I did it she was a little taken aback that I wanted to lick and suck her cunt after another man had cum in her, but she very quickly decided that she liked that very much. From then on, it was always expected of me to clean her after one of her lovers.

We met Mario at Starbucks so my wife could get to know him. It’s her decision now, I no longer have any say in her choices. She has the final word on who she lets between her legs. I had asked Mario to briefly explain the cuckold lifestyle to her and to take it a little slow so she was not overwhelmed or intimidated by it. I’ve known for sometime that my wife prefers black men. She denies it and tells me it is just the opposite that she prefers blue eyed white boys. But I’ve watched and videotaped her enough to tell how she responds to her lovers and it is obvious that she enjoys sex with blacks much more. She never watches her own sex videos, but I study them like a scholar. So we finished our coffee and my wife decided to invite Mario back to our place right then. She does that at these coffee meets if she makes a connection with the man. We plan on the possibility, but it doesn’t always happen. We are always anxious to get the first time sex out of the way so everyone is comfortable and familiar with each other for the second time we meet.

Our apartment was only a block away and once inside Mario wasted no time in taking control of my wife and virtually ignoring me. My wife was very ready to get fucked by Mario. I could tell because she usually did not kiss a man until much later in a relationship, but both of them had their tongues deep in each others mouths and my wife was literally panting with desire. Mario stripped my wife naked in front of me right in the hallway, buried his fingers in her pussy, turned her around facing me as he kissed her neck and caressed her breasts. My wife’s hands were behind her busy trying to unzip Mario’s jeans to get at his cock. Although her eyes were mostly closed, she would occasionally look at me while Mario hands probed every inch of her. Suddenly Mario said, “Bedroom?” and I pointed down the hall. He then said, “You stay here.” and I watched them both walk away. Suzanne looked over her shoulder at me and didn’t say a word.

Fortunately, I have cameras hidden in our bedroom and I quickly raced to the  computer in my office and turned the cameras on record. I had asked Mario to help ease my wife into our cuckold relationship as I did not want too much happening too soon and having her get turned off by it so I was a little surprised to be told to stay in the living room while he took my wife to the bedroom to fuck. I would have given them privacy anyway the first time together. At any rate, I decided that’s apparently his dominant attitude and that was what I was signing on for. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Watching them using my remote cameras was a voyeuristic thrill that I savored. The room was very bright and the images were exceptionally clear. Mario was standing at the foot of our bed kissing my wife. She was facing him and I could see her hands were on his cock. Mario was still fully clothed. Mario put his hands on my wife’s shoulders and just slowly pushed her down to her knees and told her to suck his cock. Now I could see exactly how large he was. He had told me he had an 8 1/2 inch cock but didn’t tell me that it was as thick as a soda can! My wife had managed to get only the massive head in her mouth as she sucked him for all she was worth. She was worshiping his cock. Taking it out of her mouth and licking and sucking down his shaft. Rubbing his cock on her face and burying her nose in his crotch to smell his manhood. She held his large ball sack in her left hand and cupped his ass cheek in the other and went back to sucking as much of his cock as she could. To see my wife sucking a strangers cock right off the bat just blew my mind. She never kisses or sucks a man on the first date, but there she was on her knees enthusiastically working on his cock. I see Mario definitely has a knack for dominating my wife and, apparently, she senses this and I think it is something that she wants very much.


While my wife is servicing his erection, Mario is slowly removing his clothes and carefully folding them. Taking his time he is completely naked as he pulls my wife up to her feet. He lays back fully on our bed. He motions for her to crawl up towards him between his legs and resume sucking his cock. What a picture! My petite Asian wife on her hands and knees between this black man’s legs jacking and sucking his long thick cock. Raising one of his legs, Mario grabs his ball sack and pulls it up telling my wife to lick him there and she does. Suddenly he raises the other leg and I’m wondering, does he think my wife is going to rim his asshole? She’s never done that to me or anyone else. He’s got both of his legs bent back towards his head and his butt is right up in her face. My lovely wife is licking and sucking all around the area between his balls and his asshole. I hear him tell her to lick his asshole, but she says no, she won’t do it.  So Mario pulls her up and over his cock but instead of penetrating her, he lets her rub her pussy up and down his shaft. If a man takes his time  with my wife and dry humps her, he will own her. She can get so excited dry humping that she cums! Which is exactly how she has her first orgasm with Mario.

My wife is sliding up and down Mario’s cock with her clit when she eases forward and I see her hand grab his shaft and she starts rubbing the head of his cock against her hole which is slightly dilated. Slowly she begins working his cock head into her pussy. I can’t believe she is taking him without a condom! Grunting quietly, I can hear her saying yes, yes, yes as she accommodates his large member almost completely inside her. Once she has his cock in as far as she can get it, Mario rolls over on top of her and proceeds to slowly work his shaft in and out letting my wife get used to his length and thickness. I can see that he is very hard and his penis is glistening from her extremely wet pussy as he drives it ever deeper. I can hear her whisper to him: “This is how I like it, I like it really deep. It drives me crazy, that friction. Can you feel it”? I can’t hear what Mario says, but I see his butt cheeks clench up as he thrusts as deep as he can. My wife’s legs go straight up and back. Her toes are pointed tightly. Mario looks right then left at her feet and says “hell yes”! Suzanne is very vocal and loud as she builds to her climax. Clawing at his back and slapping his butt as she yells “fuck it, fuck it, fuck me harder”. As she climaxes, she goes silent, then I see her suddenly relax, her legs drop down and hands fall to the side. But Mario is still fucking her as hard as he can. With his hands cupping both of her ass cheeks, he’s just about to bust his nut. My wife is starting up again, I can see her toes pointing as she starts her fuck grunts. She’s going to cum again too.

She says: “Cum baby, cum. Cum inside me. I want to feel you, God, your cock is so big!” Suzanne starts to cum again as she feels Mario’s penis swell and harden just before he shoots his load. Mario continues to pound her until they both cum together.  Mario doesn’t miss a beat as he empties his balls deep in my wife’s vagina. It looks like a lot of cum with a huge foamy ring around his cock. And did Suzanne ever cum! I was amazed at how she was able to take such a deep hard fucking from Mario’s over sized penis, but apparently she was so turned on she just opened her pussy to him. I can tell that Suzanne is into Mario now. The way she kisses him and tends to him. It’s the look all women have when they have just gotten a super fuck. It’s the look that says I will have more of you again and again.

Both them are laying on the bed exhausted. I can see white foamy cream at the base of Mario’s cock, my wife must have gotten extremely wet to generate so much juice. My wife has her legs squeezed tightly together slowly rubbing her lower belly just above her pubic hair. Mario must have given her the entire 8 1/5 inches of his cock.

Mario gets off the bed and goes to the door and calls me into the room. As I walk in, he tells me that my wife needs cleaning up. I thought so much for easing into the cuckold thing. She’s laying there with her eyes closed and slowly opens her legs. Seeing her matted pubic hair soaked with cum and her  swollen red and distended pussy lips with her hole  slightly open gives me an immediate erection. I crawl up between her legs intending to bury my raging boner fully in her cream filled cunt when Mario says, “Just use your tongue”.  And just like that, I was suddenly licking and sucking his cum and her juices from her freshly fucked hole. I wondered what my wife thought of this until she started bucking her pussy up into my mouth and squeezing my head with her legs. I knew she was starting to cum when she grabbed my head with both hands. Strangely enough the smell of their sex was turning me on, the taste of Mario’s cum was tangy but not offensive. The thought of eating her after he just fucked her gave me the strongest erection I’ve ever had in my life. Finally my wife shuddered as she had a small orgasm. After a few minutes she had calmed down and relaxed enough to push my head away.

I thought now I’m going to fuck the hell out her when Mario said, “My turn, you need to clean this mess between my legs too”. This is when I realized I was past the point of no return. I was a certified cuckold and, in front of my beautiful Asian wife, I was going to lick and suck a black man’s dirty cock and balls. I didn’t know how she would react to this, it would either turn her on or she would lose all respect for me.

Mario’s cock was flaccid, but it was still impressive laying there across his thigh. Looking Suzanne in the eyes, I licked all around the base of his cock, down his ball sack and all around his genital area. My wife was on one elbow looking at me as I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. Mario reached over and pulled my wife to him and started kissing her. I felt his cock start to grow hard as I began a rhythmic sucking. Pretty soon I could barely keep the head in my mouth. My wife was moaning and humping against his thigh when Mario just rolled over my head and in between my wife’s legs telling me to put his cock in my wife’s pussy. I reached under and grabbed his shaft and easily found the opening to my wife’s pussy and he pushed it all the way in and started fucking her a second time.

We never did use condom with Mario. I always cleaned up both of them after sex. Sometimes I was allowed to fuck my wife, sometimes I was even allowed to cum in her, especially if we were double penetrating her. But most of the time I tended to their genitals. It was my job to keep them as clean as possible. Mario used me a lot to help him get erections again after he had fucked my wife. I sucked his cock a lot and my wife learned to love watching me. She loved my mouth after sex with Mario. In time, she learned to treat me essentially like a maid. The real sex was between her and Mario. I was just a part in their play and I loved it. I love my wife and I love fucking her. I also love sucking cock. Mario is amazingly good at domination in a relationship. He’s taken control of my wife and I. We do only what he wants us to do and we do it willingly. My wife is a full sub now and will do anything Mario tells her to do. Mario has a friend he is bringing over to help him fuck my wife. We both cannot wait. It’s what we want.

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