My Wife’s New Black Lover

My wife’s new bull just sent me the first video he made fucking my Asian wife. She met him from a Craigslist ad. We met him for coffee and he informed us that he would fuck my wife but I couldn’t be there and he would only fuck her at his place and wouldn’t come to our house. He also told us that he would not use a condom after their first time and that he expected to be able to cum in whatever hole of my wife’s that he chose to. He also said that he would video every session and provide a clip to me for being so generous with my wife. The last thing he mentioned was that, depending on his mood, he might invite a friend or two to help him fuck her sometime in the future, and were we alright with that. Yes, we were.

My wife liked the way he took control and told him that was fine by her. I did not get to voice my opinion. From the video, it looks like he gave her what she wanted which was a hard aggressive fuck. He also talked to her like a slut which, I’m finding out, she loves. I asked her about his cock and she told me it was 8″ and nice and thick. He cums a lot, she said.

This is the first video my wife has allowed to show so much of her face in public. She likes this guy so there will be more videos.

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