Hotwife Jackie


Driving his huge black cock in and out of Hotwife Jackie’s ass while he pinches her nipples.


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Her First Cocks

A while back I was desperately exploring my bisexuality. I had convinced myself that I could have the best of both worlds. I met an old Greek guy through Craigs List. He was advertising himself for couples as a bisexual partner. I contacted him and asked to meet to see if he might be interested in fucking my wife. As it turns out, he wasn’t very far away and I stopped by to visit him.


We went to his bedroom where he started showing me videos of himself fucking some woman. I showed him pics of my wife and told him we were interested in exploring a threesome. He asked me if I liked sex with men and I said yes.  At that, he undressed and exposed a long hard 8 inch cock. I admired the fact that he was able to display such a magnificent penis at his age and I proceeded to suck it. It was the first cock I ever sucked as an adult. Slender and hard with a large helmet, I tried to take it all the way down my throat. Continue reading

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Mistress T Blacked


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My Wife’s First Bull


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The Hotwife Experience

hotwife_2Have you ever been at a dinner party or other public function, and noticed a guy flirting with your wife, and it’s like she’s trying not to flirt back but she can’t help it… and then at some point you see their eyes meet, and they give each other that look, and you know instantly that he’s fucked her before, and that it obviously happened recently?

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Just Married!

A video my husband filmed after we first got married. He had wanted to hear about guys I’d had sex with in the past and when he heard about all the black guys I had been with he quickly encouraged me to continue having fun. At first all I agreed to do was give the guys we met online a blow job. Hmm it appears I got a bit more eager then just wanting to blow them. Did I tell you I love my husband 🙂

Kisses, Jen

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Wife’s First Black

Celestia is one hot little wife. Her hubby has always wanted to share her with a black man. So we hooked her up with this well hung stud. She was so excited when she felt his huge member. She was all smiles, and loved sucking on his big dick. He then sunk his rod into her eager little tight pussy. She was so damn tight that at first he could barely fuck her. He had to loosen up that tight little white pussy for his cock. It was so hot to watch her moaning and getting off with pleasure as he fucked her nice and deep. She came a few times, and then he let his cum spray all over her beautiful face. You are going to love this!

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My Wife, her lover, his buddy

My wife got more than she bargained for last week when her lover showed up with one of his service buddies. She’s been carrying on an affair with this guy for more than two years now. He works at a hospital as a male nurse which is how she met him. He’s a decent sort, married with kids, stable, good looking, and well built with a 9 inch cock almost as thick as my wife’s forearm. My wife loves that cock and this guy knows it. He can make her do any damn thing he wants. He knows just how far to go with her. She is his slut and he makes no bones about it. I’ve learned a lot about my wife from the way she responds to the way he dominates her. She likes mild pain, humiliation, rough sex, and generally being treated like a whore. He doesn’t know I know about him or that I video them every time they get together. He’s aware that my wife is in an open marriage, but has not concerned himself with much more than that. In the past two years they have been fucking, he has taught her how to suck his cock, deep throat it and swallow his cum. He introduced her to anal sex and that is no mean feat when you have a cock as large as his. Now it is one of her favorite kinds of sex. And even though she is a fairly petite Asian woman, he has trained her vagina to accommodate his entire penis completely. Fortunately my wife is multi-orgasmic and gets aroused very quickly which helps her take his cock in whatever hole he chooses.


The last few times they’ve gotten together their pillow talk has revolved around my wife’s desire to have sex with two men. It is actually my hottest fantasy but I have turned her on to it and suggested she use it to simulate their sex sessions and draw her lover out on his particular fantasies. Her lover has unexpectedly responded to this fantasy in a big way. He has introduced double penetration using a large rubber cock in my wife’s pussy while he assfucks her and this has driven her wild. The orgasms she has managed from these sessions have fueled her fantasies as well and made her much more receptive to inviting another man into her bed. The problem was always where to find another man. Her lover, being married, didn’t really know anyone well enough either. I had thought that the only way this would ever be accomplished would be to go to a sex club and look for a partner. Of course, going with her lover was out of the question. No way he’s going to get away from his wife for an evening. My wife was not very enthusiastic about letting a stranger fuck her either. So that fantasy was pretty much a non-starter until her lover walked in with his buddy from the Marines.




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Chasity Clear 3 1/4in Cock Cage

CB6000CL-2CB-6000 Male Male Chasity Device. All Chasity packages (except for the PA5000) come with the following: one cage portion, five different sized rings, locking pins, spacers, padlock, five individually placement locks, and a zippered storage pouch. Plus a free sample of System JO Premium Silicone Lubricant with every product. Cock cage measures 3.25 inches long with an inner diameter of 1 3/8 inch. Two guide pins brace the top pieces, while a locking pin runs through the recessed center hole, connecting the cage to the ring. Each device comes with a range of ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches diameter. Cock cage is made from sturdy yet light weight polycarbonate, with slats for improved ventilation. Ease of urination and hygienic maintenance. Easy to clean. Instructions for CB6000: lubricate the head and penis with the included sample of System JO Premium Silicone Lubricant.porngroceries_logo Continue reading

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Cuckold Me Now

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Hot Wife Rebecca

I started doing this privately for my husband when we got married five years ago. I’d come home and we’d get wild and enact crazy fantasies about the guys I worked with or other people we knew. We’d take photos and videos and dress up. Over the years we got more creative and curious. Then I started having exhibition fantasies, but never did I think I’d try it out for real!! I’m sure you all have a neighbor or boss or co-worker that you wonder about, well I am here to show you that it really all is an exterior and we go home and fantasize about you just like you fantasize about us.


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Welcome To Your Orientation To Cuckolds 101 – Session 1

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Hot Wife Rio Fucks Her BBC

Hot Wife Rio

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My Wife Creampied

My wifes new lover knows that my wife plays with my permission. My wife likes to tease me by leaving her cell phone on while he fucks her. Sometimes she has him take pictures with her iPhone then emails them to me. I’ve gotten pics of her with his cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole. I even got a small video of him jacking a load of cum on her face like a pornstar. They seem to be getting progressively more hardcore. Most of the time she fucks him at his apartment, but occasionally he comes to our house and fucks her in our marital bed. He gets a big charge out of cuckolding me with my wife in my own bed. My wife doesn’t change the sheets either. What they don’t know is I have a hidden cam in the alarm clock. I’ve only managed to get a couple of videos of them but I can’t post them here because the guy is recognizable in them and I could probably get arrested. The last video they started out with a 69. I never knew my wife could suck a cock like she did that day, but what surprised me the most was watching him sit up while she sucked his balls and then move forward so he could drop his asshole right over her mouth. My wife pulled his thighs to her face as she tongued and rimmed his anus. God, was that erotic!

She brought these two creampie clips home this evening. It was the first I knew that she was taking him bareback now. So her period was a little more than 2 weeks ago and that would make her extremely fertile this past week. The first clip was taped on Wednesday and the second a few hours ago. She’s fucking him several times a week now and I asked her how long has she fucked him without a condom. She said they just started and not to worry, she won’t get pregnant. I don’t know if I believe her or not.

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I sat in a chair beside the bed watching my  wife’s head bob up and down on her lover’s cock. She was taking it as deeply as  you can take a solid 8 inches. I could see how she loved it the way she let it rub around her face, licking the shaft and smelling his scent. As she licked down his hard cock, sucking his balls, her head dipped way down between his legs as she tongued that sensitive area between his asshole and ballsack. Watching her do that made my penis rock hard. I wondered if she had ever rimmed his asshole the other times they’ve been together without me. With his cock back in her mouth, she milked him earnestly trying to get him to cum. I knew she loved to swallow him. He was a prodigious producer of sperm. I’d seen how much cum he could squirt because occasionally he liked to videotape cumming on my wife’s face with his cellphone. I also knew that if he came, he could be erect again within twenty minutes. I know all of this because I secretly videotape them when they get together. Continue reading

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My Wife Masturbating!


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Hidden Cam

I see my wife’s  lover for the first time when he walks into the bedroom I had just left an hour ago. He immediately starts taking off his clothes revealing a large 8 inch erection. Now I know what my wife sees in him. I see her enter the room dressed in nothing but black nylons and high heels. She kisses him and climbs up on the bed where he joins her. They continue kissing as she dry humps his thigh. My hidden camera is pointing at the foot of the bed. I see between her legs her black pubic hair surrounding her dilated pussy. She is clearly ready for penetration. My wife is not one for a lot of foreplay, but today her lover turns her around and forces her mouth onto his cock while he begins to eat her pussy.

I didn’t realize my wife was such an enthusiastic cock sucker until I watched this video for the first time. I can see she loves his cock. Licking up and down the length and trying to deep throat as much of it as she can, she grinds her cunt into her lovers face. I watch her head as it moves down between his legs licking and sucking his balls. The lover lifts up his leg so my wife has access to his ass. It completely blows me away to watch my wife rimming this guys asshole. Suddenly she arches her back as she starts to cum on his tongue. Another first, I did not realize that my wife could cum from oral sex. She never liked it from me and I have never been able to make her orgasm with my mouth. This guy has a firm grip on her thighs as he drives his tongue deeply into her vagina. Cumming hard now, she plunges her head down onto his cock and sucks it violently and almost manages to take the entire length of it into her throat. I am about to cum in my pants watching this.



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