Hot ‘n creamy semen leaking from your wife


Eww! Eat another man’s cum?! You’ve got to be kidding!!

Not at all. Cum cleanup is a long-recognized fetish for many cuckolds. Not all cucks are into it, but it’s a popular and common part of the lifestyle for many.

Cucks who have tried it know the smell and taste of another man’s semen dripping out of our wife or girlfriend is a highly powerful aphrodisiac!

Thinking about licking your lady clean after she’s had sex with someone else does not make you gay! It doesn’t even make you bi..though odds are that sooner or later you will suck a cock to get it straight from the source.

If you have no interest in cum eating, that’s fine. There are plenty of other cucking activities to keep you busy. Read on if you’ve been wondering about having your first taste of bull seed spilling out of your wife’s recently screwed cunt.

Does semen taste good?

It can. But most heterosexual men aren’t psychologically inclined to like it, not at first. (personally, I’ve grown to really like it). That goes for women, too, unless they just finished sucking off a really hot guy. It tastes great when it’s just spurted out of her guy’s hard dick.

It’s the same with cuckold cum eating. Cock juice tastes much better after it’s been inside your wife’s tight little hole. It’s all psychological. The turn-on is that another man just busted his nut in your wife – and now it’s flowing back out! The taste of the sperm is secondary.

To really enjoy cum eating you should get used to its flavor, which generally runs to the “starchy” or salty side of things. There are ways to improve its taste:

  • Semen is better when it comes from a non-smoker and light drinker.
  • The primary ingredient of splooge from the prostate is fructose, or fruit sugar.
  • Taste can be dramatically improved by her bull eating fruit, especially pineapple.
  • Diets high in fatty foods can degrade the taste.
  • If your girl needs extra vaginal lubrication, opt for one that’s flavored and water-based.
  • Stay away from silicone-based lubricants.
  • Spermicidal cream can affect the flavor of cum. Try different brands.
  • Younger men – especially those 18 to 22 – have the best tasting semen.

Your wife’s bull is done: Now it’s your turn

Remember that your woman’s vagina is tipped toward her tailbone. If she laying on her back, most of the cum will flow toward her womb, and away from her pussy opening.


To coax the cum to drip out, have her lay on her tummy, or better yet, have her straddle your face. While she’s sitting over your head have her push the cum out by bearing down (like she’s going to pee), and by dipping her fingers inside to help start the flow.

Fun cum facts…

  • The longer the cum stays inside your wife’s beaver, the more it’ll be absorbed into her body. To get the most out, clean her soon after her bull has fucked her.
  • The older the cum, the thinner it gets. This makes it run out faster. But it also doesn’t taste quite as good.
  • Younger men tend to spunk more than older guys. And it usually tastes better. Encourage your wife – cougar MILF or not! – to indulge her hot wife lifestyle with a college-age kid.
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My Asian Cuck Wife

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​Interview With a Married Woman

kmc5cvw8tdim6hlgc6xiA woman I’ll call Amy is a thirtysomething who has been happily married for six years, but for the last four and a half years, she’s been using cheating site to meet a variety of men for sex. It began as cheating, but now her husband knows about it.

Read the article at

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Dick Attraction

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My Little Secret

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New Cocks for my Wife

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My wife and her lover 3

Her lover videos his cock in all 3 of my wife’s holes. Notice her wedding ring when he’s in her ass.

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My wife and her lover 2

This is the second time he has fucked my wife while I was at work. Captured with my hidden camera.

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Shared wives and cuckold part 2

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Shared wives and cuckold part 1

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My wife and her lover

I captured them having sex one afternoon while they thought I was at work.

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Voyeur Monkey Live Cam Girls Online Now!

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Forgotten Videos

These are a couple of forgotten videos originally taped around 2003. My Asian wife brought her boss home and let him fuck her. He had a pretty good sized cock that I couldn’t help noticing did not have a condom on it. My wife was very easy to introduce to this lifestyle, she had no problem taking strangers into her bed. These are the only recordings we have of this lover, but he fucked her more than 42 times before they quit each other. He never used a condom and she was fertile the whole time. It’s amazing she did not get pregnant. She hates condoms and doesn’t feel like she’s had sex if a man doesn’t dump his cum in her pussy. Such a slut.

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Dahlia Sky’s Cuck

Dahlia Sky has a slave, and his name is Fluffy. Today, Fluffy’s been a good slave, spending 8 hours (locked down in a chastity belt, no less) cleaning and scrubbing Dahlia’s home…until it’s spotless. Good slaves earn rewards, and today Fluffy earned a big one: a Cuckold Session. Dahlia leads Fluffy into her bedroom, where her Bull is patiently waiting. Soon, Dahlia’s servicing her Bull orally while keeping Fluffy’s tiny dick and baby balls locked up. She does allow Fluffy to remove her beautiful heels…and even sniff her feet! What a treat!! What happens to Fluffy when he tries to sniff his Mistress’s ass? Or eyes the Bull’s enormous black cock? Exactly what any disobedient slave gets! Dahlia spends ample time with her Bull, getting penetrated in all three holes, while Fluffy looks on, unable to jerk his little dinky. However, since he did such a good job cleaning Dahlia’s home, he’ll have no problem cleaning the jizz off Dahlia’s fine ass! See more at Cuckold Sessions!

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Sharing Your Cuckold Fantasies with a Wife Who’s Not Into It

What is a Cuckold?

The word “cuckold” comes from the mating rituals of the cuckoo bird. The female cuckoo procreates with an alpha-male. He then goes on to impregnate other females cuckoos. The impregnated female returns to her beta-male mate, and they nurture and raise the baby birds born of her “one night stand.” The dictionary definition of a cuckold is “a man with an unfaithful wife.” 03Historically, if a woman cuckolded her husband publicly he became the object of scorn and ridicule. She was the adulterer and he was her cuckold. For the purposes of this essay, a cuckold is defined as being sexually aroused by his wife’s infidelity, so much so that he encourages, supports and engages in his wife taking other lovers. Continue reading

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Awesome Ass Fucking

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Do you see a familiar Pussy?

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Eventually it will come to this

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