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Mae Meyers – Cuckold Session

We’ve stopped trying to figure out why a guy would be so submissive as his girlfriend walked all over him. Then again, Mae Meyers is the kind of girlfriend that you’ give your right arm for. Mae also has an evil side and it comes out when she’s given the gift of big, black cock. Mae’s boyfriend/wallet/pathetic excuse for a human being gets verbally torn apart as Mae sucks on Mandingo’s big, black cock. Slowly, but surely, Mae’s clothing falls off her and winds up on the back off her cuckold. Mae’s attention turns to Mandingo as she continues to slurp and gag on the biggest black cock she’s ever seen. Mae’s dripping wet pussy is next on Mandingo’s agenda. The cuckold watches as Mae’s lovebox slowly takes in a black cock that resembles an ICBM missle. That gorgeosu ass of Mae points towards the ceiling as Mandingo continues his assault on that pussy. The tip of Mandingo’s black cock reaches Mae’s tonsils while she’s on her back and screaming as if she’s anticipating what’s to come in 9 months. However, the hopes of having a black baby are squashed when Mandingo pulls out and sprays his testicular sauce all over her pussy. Guess who gets to clean it all up.

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She Loves to Fuck Other Guys. I Love to Fuck Her After…

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Pegging: It’s Not Gay!

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Porn Infographic


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Mistress T Blacked


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Candy & Capt. Nemo

Frenchie the waste of space is back. Last time he gave a good enough showing that he’s back at his front row seat watching me do what I do best to big black cock. It was weird having Frenchie pull on his 2 inch cock but it’s even weirder that white boys keep thinking I’m interested in them in the least. He was a foot away from me as I took in about a foot of black cock deep inside. Frenchie’s mouth vacuumed up the black jizz that was left behind so I might keep this cuckold around.Check out Candy Monroe’s hot cuckold site!

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The Cuckold Potential Test

As a woman, do you fantasize about being with other men but are not sure how your man will handle it?  Has he mentioned adding some ‘spice’ to your relationship by adding a third, or even fourth, person to your bedroom?  He may just be a cuck and wanting you to cuckold him.

Read through this list and see how many apply to your man.  Not all may apply and some will be stronger than others, but if you can see some of the list in your man, then he may just be willing for you to find your sexually liberated self.  If you see most of the list in your man then he DEFINITELY is willing and is waiting on you to go for it!!!! Continue reading

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Dahlia Sky’s Cuck

Dahlia Sky has a slave, and his name is Fluffy. Today, Fluffy’s been a good slave, spending 8 hours (locked down in a chastity belt, no less) cleaning and scrubbing Dahlia’s home…until it’s spotless. Good slaves earn rewards, and today Fluffy earned a big one: a Cuckold Session. Dahlia leads Fluffy into her bedroom, where her Bull is patiently waiting. Soon, Dahlia’s servicing her Bull orally while keeping Fluffy’s tiny dick and baby balls locked up. She does allow Fluffy to remove her beautiful heels…and even sniff her feet! What a treat!! What happens to Fluffy when he tries to sniff his Mistress’s ass? Or eyes the Bull’s enormous black cock? Exactly what any disobedient slave gets! Dahlia spends ample time with her Bull, getting penetrated in all three holes, while Fluffy looks on, unable to jerk his little dinky. However, since he did such a good job cleaning Dahlia’s home, he’ll have no problem cleaning the jizz off Dahlia’s fine ass! See more at Cuckold Sessions!

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Her First Cocks

A while back I was desperately exploring my bisexuality. I had convinced myself that I could have the best of both worlds. I met an old Greek guy through Craigs List. He was advertising himself for couples as a bisexual partner. I contacted him and asked to meet to see if he might be interested in fucking my wife. As it turns out, he wasn’t very far away and I stopped by to visit him.


We went to his bedroom where he started showing me videos of himself fucking some woman. I showed him pics of my wife and told him we were interested in exploring a threesome. He asked me if I liked sex with men and I said yes.  At that, he undressed and exposed a long hard 8 inch cock. I admired the fact that he was able to display such a magnificent penis at his age and I proceeded to suck it. It was the first cock I ever sucked as an adult. Slender and hard with a large helmet, I tried to take it all the way down my throat. Continue reading

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I Fucked a Married Woman over the Weekend

Yeah, I fucked this married woman Saturday and I loved it! lol It’s been brewing for a while. She works with me and lately we’ve been swapping sexy texts. I didn’t realize what a nasty little slut she is. You wouldn’t know it if you saw her. She’s got a husband and a young kid, seems pretty stable, dresses conservative and no indication of what she is really like at work. Finally our texting each just reached a point where I decided to call her out on it. Either spread or get the fuck out. It’s Saturday morning and I told her to come over and I would fuck her crosseyed! Might as well get straight to the point with her. That’s the only way I know how to deal with a tease.

She said I’ll be by your apartment in 15 minutes be ready because I will only be able to stay for 5 minutes! I thought what the fuck! So here she comes with some file folders. Once inside my apartment she tells me her husband is waiting in the car with her son as they are going shopping. I said, you’re kidding, he knows you’re going to get fucked? She said, No Silly, he thinks I’m dropping off these papers at my girlfriends place. Are you going to fuck me or not?

With that she bent over the desk, hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties aside. I set my cell phone to record and I stuck my cock in her. She was wet and open. She didn’t mention a condom and I didn’t either. Fucked her and came in her and sent her out the door to her husband with my cum in her panties. I wonder if he could smell her fresh fucked pussy? You know, when you fuck a married chick, you never know if the husband is in on it or not. I guess I’ll find out because I told her I’d be fucking her again. That right there is why I love fucking married women. You get her pussy and you don’t have to put up with the rest of her shit.

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Cuckold Coach


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Real Wife Stories

A good marriage is a give and take, so when Jayden Jaymes finds her husband with his face buried in some slut’s pussy, she knows the only way to get even is to make him watch her get some big dick! She calls her friend Keiran, who’s always ready to get some good pussy. She gives him a nice sloppy blowjob, stroking and sucking Keiran’s dick as he eats her out and makes her cum. She takes Keiran’s fat cock deep in her wet pussy, rubbing her clit and making her big tits bounce as she cums again all over Keiran’s big dick. After Keiran gives her a nice big facial, Jayden and her husband can finally call it even!
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Jerome stops by

The  second black guy to ever fuck my wife called last night. He was back in town and wanted to come by in the morning and fuck my wife Suzanne. My wife likes Jerome, thinks he is good looking and she likes the way he used to fuck her. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from him. I originally found him advertising his big dick for couples on Craigslist. At the time, he literally lived in an apartment across the street and that was really convenient for us. He fucked my wife back then about 6 times before he had to move to Austin, Texas because of his job. Needless to say, my wife was very excited by his call and couldn’t wait for him to come over. Neither could I, Jerome wasn’t bothered at all that I like to watch and videotape him whenever he fucked Suzanne and I was so looking forward to shooting a great video. I have two video cameras now, a Panasonic mini dv and a hd Flip, both of them made excellent videos.


Jerome is a big guy that’s a little overweight but hard all over because he is a long distance bike rider. He sports a solid 8 inch cock at least 7 inches in diameter and he can keep it hard for hours. My wife feels comfortable enough with him to not use a condom.




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Play by Play

The guy that fucks my wife about every week doesn’t know that I know about him.  He shows up whenever he wants to fuck my wife, usually in the mornings. He will fuck her solid for one hour every time and give her 3 to 4 hard orgasms with his rock hard 8 inch cock. He’s married himself, but has a huge infatuation with my wife who’s Korean. My wife is one of those women that men want to fuck. It’s hard to describe that look but most men know what I mean. There are some women out there, and it doesn’t matter how they look, in fact, they could be fairly homely, but they have something about them that makes you just want to fuck them. The guy is an ex-marine in good shape and able to give my wife a good extended fuck.120215-amateur-milf-first-time-black-lover-pics

I convinced my wife to try the cuckold lifestyle. She only got interested once she decided that I was sincere about watching her get fucked and not fucking other women. Most women that get into the cuckold lifestyle don’t allow their men to fuck other women at all. In the beginning, I got her the men I liked, usually big cocked blacks, but as time went on, she started taking control and picking her own men. Unfortunately the latest man she fucks, the one I’m describing here, doesn’t know about me and I have to leave when he comes over to fuck my wife.

My wife has a desk and computer in the bedroom. The computer has Windows XP and a web cam. I can open Windows Movie Maker and use the web cam to record video and sound. Can’t do it in Vista or Windows 7 though. So everytime this guy comes over to fuck my wife, I set Movie Maker to record and it works great! This guy has fucked my wife enough that he is starting to treat her like his whore. A little rough and with a little pain. The surprise for me is that my wife is responding to the rough treatment. I’m going to describe the latest video I recorded last week for you. I start the video recording just as I leave the house. The stud has just called my wife to tell her he is 5 minutes away.

Read the rest of this story at Amazon, My Hot Wife by R. Davidson at Amazon


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New Cocks for my Wife

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Barbi Sinclair

03Hi, I’m Barbi and the cock I’m digging out of these pants is not my husbands. He’s behind the camera taking photos. My girlfriend and I are going to suck this guy’s cock and then let him fuck both of us as long as he wants. My husband’s  going to watch, but that’s all. I might let him lick my pussy clean if he’s a good boy. I might even let him have sloppy seconds. It depends on how I feel. Click the photo above to see more!


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Dirty Talking Wife Tabitha

662I am a naughty milf that loves fucking strange men in front of my husband.


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