Sharing my wife

I promised my wife Suzanne something special for her birthday this year. I invited 3 friends over, gave each one of them a 100mg Viagra and let them fuck my wife all afternoon while I videotaped it. I told them the only requirement was each one of them had to cum at least once in her mouth, her pussy, and in her ass. Since we knew these men, we did not use condoms. My wife had never been fucked like we fucked her that afternoon. For three solid hours there was a cock in her sometimes 2 or 3. Once she started cumming, she didn’t stop. She took every cock again and again and asked for more. I believe the next time, I need more guys. She wore us out. The whole room stank of sweat and cum. I knew my wife was a slut, I just had no idea that she was even more depraved than I am. Watch the video, am I lucky or what?

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