What a Cuckold Needs from a Bull

Sexual Prowess – Obviously the Bull must have the God given talent of satisfying the slut wife sexually. He must be able to bring her to orgasm as much or preferably more, than this wimp could. Tangents of this theme are cock size – the bigger the dick, the more both the wimp and wife will worship him: Repeat Ability and or Stamina – if this Bull can fuck my wife for an hour it makes my ten minute efforts even more pitiful: Heavy Cummer – both for the wifes enjoyment and the cuck’s humiliation.

Self confidence & an Air of Authority – The Dom bull must be able to control both the wife and the cuckold through his inner strength. This does not mean physical threatening. On the contrary the self confidence and inner strength is more of a quiet firmness. The wife will melt under this strength and the cuck will roll over at his command.

Willingness to Include the Cuck – at some level. All cucks share an extraordinary love for their wife – after all a large part of this scenario is seeing the wife in the throes of orgasm. This relationship is truly three way though – the cuck is not and should not be in charge but he does need to get his needs fulfilled (the needs of making sure his wife is sexually cared for and humiliation). He (the cuck)willingly gives his wife to a Bull sexually, but he must be sure in his own mind that the relationship (marriage) will not end. He (the cuck) will be content to love his wife, and take care of her financially while giving up his marital rights to her, as long as the “relationship” can continue.

Open Minded Sexually – the Dom should not be bi-sexual but he must be willing (in order to exert his control and the cucks humiliation) to use the cuck sexually to at least some extent. this aspect differs with each relationship but – a truly hetro wimp’s humiliation is so much more complete when he finds that he is so controlled that not only will he suck the bulls cum out of his wife’s well fucked pussy, he will even submit to sucking the cock of the man who fucks her. A tangent of this is control of the wimps own orgasms. The Dom bull should be willing to exert enough control to get the wimp to agree to giving him the power over the wimps orgasms. Most wimps need some sort of sexual release or the arrangement becomes untenable. The key for the Dom bull is to limit his sexual release so that the thought is ALWAYS on his mind but the Dom’s control is ever present.

These are of course very individual items and will vary from person to person.

The physical taste and presence of the bull is wonderful. The visual imagery is also very much stimulating… but you question the dominate role of the bull… why? For me, the aspect that this other man is more capable of servicing my wife is part of the foundation to the lifestyle.

I agree that the humiliation is NOT a REQUIRED component to a cuckold relationship. However, the physical aspect of him taking what is yours IS.

Some men prefer that their cuckolding is done on a “permission based” system. The husband has to give constant approval to the bull in taking the wife. Not permission to have, but permission to the bull in the form of “authority acknowledgement”. Your acknowledging that he is better endowed.. he is possibly a better lover.. that he has the right to have your wife… that you like the submissive role of having him take her in front of you or with your knowledge. This permission based system has NO humiliation part to it.

Cuckolding is not an all-or-nothing choice.

There are VAST degrees of cuckolding. The the playful end, we have the above referenced “permission based” system… and on the more serious side, we have total “feminization and subservience of the husband” to his wife and her bull.

The changing role that each cuckold will change over time. Those changes, if properly expressed to your wife, will allow for the greatest amount of enjoyment from the relationship. For me, I know that my individual tastes fluctuate with time, my personal attitude, and the specific bull. While these tastes change, I acknowledge that this type of relationship is important to me, exciting to me, desirous by me and wanted by me.

As many of you know, I have commented on this matter in a number of other discussion threads… but a cuckold needs a Bull that will provide him with a number of different things:

providing sexual satisfaction for his wife/gf

the willingness to treat the cuckolds wife as his own woman.

the willingness to take her forcefully and with disregard to the cuckold.

the willingness to humiliate the cuckold by asking for things… like get me a drink..

the willingness to encourage the woman to try sexual things she would not do with the cuckold.

possibly the willingness to have the cuckold service him, personally, with his mouth.

the possible willingness to have the cuckold prepare his wife for him, and then to leave the room for a more intimate time with his wife.

The Bull should have the qualities to provide satisfaction’s to not only the woman but to also understand the cuckold’s needs. Does the cuckold want physical humiliation? Forced sucking? Verbal humiliation? Denial of sexual satisfaction? The Bull needs to speak with the Cuckold also!

That way, each persons fulfillment is achieved.

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