The Cuckold Potential Test

As a woman, do you fantasize about being with other men but are not sure how your man will handle it?  Has he mentioned adding some ‘spice’ to your relationship by adding a third, or even fourth, person to your bedroom?  He may just be a cuck and wanting you to cuckold him.

Read through this list and see how many apply to your man.  Not all may apply and some will be stronger than others, but if you can see some of the list in your man, then he may just be willing for you to find your sexually liberated self.  If you see most of the list in your man then he DEFINITELY is willing and is waiting on you to go for it!!!!

1) He has an innate respect for women, and believes in her rights, with a strong and perhaps even exaggerated sense of romantic chivalry. YES

2) He is naturally drawn to women with a stronger, more assertive sex drive than his own. YES

3) He has a real desire to please his woman, and is concerned with her feelings and needs, and is emotionally strong enough to accept her preference in sexual partners. YES

4) He has a high degree of performance anxiety in direct proportion to his level of attraction to the woman; the stronger his attraction, the more submissive he becomes. POSSIBLY?

5) He has likely eroticized humiliation through prior bouts of impotence, easily induced by the assertive and purposeful woman. SOMETIMES

6) He is not sexually passive, but often has a high drive himself, although a submissive drive, and craves female domination and initiation. NO

7) He often experiences a degree of relief when her needs are satisfied by a bull, and his own sexuality emerges as he is free from the need to perform. YES

8) He is often bisexual, even if on an unconscious and unacknowledged level, and is highly excited as his love in mounted by a bull. YES

9) He is often very oral by nature, and easily included in threesomes with a bull, and disappointed if he is not. HAVE NOT YET..but have done other men

10) He will usually do the housework and over chores as he is in a perpetual state of courtship during which he does not take his cougar for granted. YES

11) He is generally easily placed in panties, and then the Pandora’s Box is opened. DAMNIT..I HAVE

12) He is generally of average to small stature and appendage. YES

13) He absolutely adores his woman.YES

My score would give me an 80% possibility of being a cuckold…wait, I already am!

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