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The guy that fucks my wife about every week doesn’t know that I know about him.  He shows up whenever he wants to fuck my wife, usually in the mornings. He will fuck her solid for one hour every time and give her 3 to 4 hard orgasms with his rock hard 8 inch cock. He’s married himself, but has a huge infatuation with my wife who’s Korean. My wife is one of those women that men want to fuck. It’s hard to describe that look but most men know what I mean. There are some women out there, and it doesn’t matter how they look, in fact, they could be fairly homely, but they have something about them that makes you just want to fuck them. The guy is an ex-marine in good shape and able to give my wife a good extended fuck.


I convinced my wife to try the cuckold lifestyle. She only got interested once she decided that I was sincere about watching her get fucked and not fucking other women. Most women that get into the cuckold lifestyle don’t allow their men to fuck other women at all. In the beginning, I got her the men I liked, usually big cocked blacks, but as time went on, she started taking control and picking her own men. Unfortunately the latest man she fucks, the one I’m describing here, doesn’t know about me and I have to leave when he comes over to fuck my wife.

My wife has a desk and computer in the bedroom. The computer has Windows XP and a web cam. I can open Windows Movie Maker and use the web cam to record video and sound. Can’t do it in Vista or Windows 7 though. So every time this guy comes over to fuck my wife, I set Movie Maker to record and it works great! This guy has fucked my wife enough that he is starting to treat her like his whore. A little rough and with a little pain. The surprise for me is that my wife is responding to the rough treatment. I’m going to describe the latest video I recorded last week for you. I start the video recording just as I leave the house. The stud has just called my wife to tell her he is 5 minutes away.

He’s in the apartment, I can hear him but cannot see him. My wife told me he dropped his clothes as soon as he walked in the front door and pulled her head onto his cock. After a few minutes, they both walked into the bedroom, the guy naked with a hard cock sticking straight out and my wife in sexy lingerie and fishnets.  They get right on the bed an I watch him give her a deep tongue kiss as he works his cock into her. She’s wet and ready, but he wants to eat her out. My wife doesn’t get off on oral sex at all, but makes all the right noises and makes the guy feel like a king. She can spread her legs wide and point those toes trying to get that tongue as deep inside as she can. After a minute he crawls up and sticks his cock into her without a condom and she lets him. He starts to fuck her slow and deep and after a few minutes she makes him put on the rubber. Once he’s rubbered up, she visibly relaxes and immediately starts toward her first orgasm. This guy is fucking her deep as hell and starts to kiss her which pushes her into her first and most intense orgasm of the day. Her knees are bent back behind her ears and her feet pointed with toes curled!

She cums and he turns her over onto her knees doggy style. Sliding his cock in, she asks if he feels it. What she is talking about is his cock hitting her cervix. For some women this is painful, but my wife loves it and if your cock isn’t long enough to punish it, you aren’t invited back. It doesn’t take long before she is climbing towards her second orgasm.  This guy is an enthusiastic fucker pounding her deep and starting to spank her butt. He reaches up and grabs the back of her head by the hair and pulls. This is the kind of treatment I didn’t know got my wife off. The guy is not gentle, I can see he’s pulling her head back hard and driving his cock in deep from behind. What I do see is this rough treatment is triggering a huge orgasm for her. She cums and collapses face down on the bed, the guy doesn’t miss a stroke as he lays full length on her slowly fucking into her from behind.

What I like about this guy and I’m sure my wife does too, is he is like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps on going! After slow humping her for awhile, he picks her up and spins her around so she’s standing on the floor and he’s fucking her from behind standing up. I can’t hear everything they are talking about, but apparently he wants fuck her in the ass. I watch him fuck her from behind for a few minutes and I didn’t see this at first, but after a few strokes, he pulls out and strips off the condom and goes back in bareback. The view I have is from behind them so I can see his balls swinging on the in stroke. Fucking her raw and holding on to her buttocks with both hands, she is face down on the bed with her feet on the floor. I see him move his left hand up to his mouth and back down. Later my wife tells me this is when he stuck his thumb deep into her ass. She loves double penetration! I’ve fucked her plenty after working a good sized dildo up her ass while fucking her pussy. Now my wife is getting hotter an hotter telling him to do it now. What she was saying is fuck my ass now! Finally she says “Do it now or I am going to cum!”, the guy tells her to go ahead and cum and she has a very intense orgasm with his thumb in her ass and his long cock in her cunt.

The guy doesn’t have much experience butt fucking. After her orgasm starts to subside, she tells him to do it now and he moves his cock up to her ass and tries to push it in. Of course, this is too much and she screams in pain, immediately turns around, saying it hurts to much and he’s too big, drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. He lets her suck for a few minutes before pulling her up on the bed telling her he’s going to fuck her and cum in her mouth. With her knees behind her ears, this guy grabs her hair and pulls her head up so she can see his cock sawing in and out of her swollen pussy. After a few minutes, he literally pulls her towards him by the hair until she is on her knees in front of him with his cock jammed down her  throat. He grabs her by both ears and bangs his cock into her mouth until he starts to flood her mouth with his cum. Watching my wife treated this way and seeing how much she got off, really turned me on in a big way. The angle of the camera was such that I got the perfect shot of my wife drinking the cum of her lover’s  ejaculation. She swallowed every drop and cleaned his cock and balls.

Somehow watching my wife deep kissing her stud and then watching her suck a huge load out of his cock, just completely gets me off so much I cannot define it. I simply cannot describe how erotic and sexual the whole scene is. I can’t wait for this guy to take her ass. I’ve been working with and teaching my wife how to take this guy’s cock in her ass. He doesn’t know how but she will teach him because she wants him to fuck her and cum in her ass.

My pleasure comes from watching the video of their tryst. My wife doesn’t know I can hear nearly everything said. She never watches the videos, she has no idea what I see when she is fucked. She downplays every fuck session to try and spare my feelings. She doesn’t want me to know how much she enjoys this guy. But I can see and there will be more guys like him. She looks at men a lot closer than before. She looks at men to see if she wants to fuck them. Because she knows now, that they want to fuck her. And that is hard to let go.



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