My Wild Weekend, pt. 1

It was such a wild weekend! My husband’s friend Jim came to visit for a few days. He’s a real flirt and I enjoyed the attention that first night he was with us. He would touch me and hover around me very carefully not letting my husband catch him. It was exciting because he was such a sexy man. He wasn’t shy about slipping his hand up my shorts and trying to touch my pussy.

By bedtime I was soaking wet. Since we’d been drinking all evening, my husband fell right asleep. I drifted off wondering what it would be like to do his friend. I woke up to find my hubby’s head between my legs slurping and sucking my pussy. He was under the covers just getting started. My hubby loves to eat me and spends a lot of time bringing me just to the edge before easing off and starting again. I settled in for a serious suck session anticipating several orgasms.

Suddenly, I noticed our bedroom door slowly open and there was Jim peeking at us. I was startled but didn’t alert my hubby. Jim could tell what was happening and let the door open all the way. He was stark naked with this huge cock pointing straight at me. I gave him a dirty look and motioned for him to leave. He just started slowly stroking that long penis. I couldn’t stop staring at it. I had never seen one so thick and shiny. He was looking right in my eyes just as I started to cum.

I grabbed my husband’s head and held it in case he decided to come up for air. It was such a turn on to watch him jacking off while my husband was eating me. I was mesmerized watching him. It was so exciting and dangerous for him to be in the room. I knew my husband had no idea he was here because his head was under the covers. He slowly crossed the room till he was right in front of me. His penis was bright red and super hard! I think he was really sexed up. I was so turned on by his nerve. I could see a drop of liquid right at the tip. He took his finger and smeared it all around the tip. I thought he was going to shoot right in front of me and I knew it would make me cum so hard when he did. But he kept edging closer and closer to the head of the bed.

My hubby, sucking and licking me furiously, was completely oblivious to all of this. Slowly Jim leans over toward me and I realize he’s wants to stick his cock in my mouth. I can’t believe this is happening. This is so nasty and naughty that I just open my mouth and let him feed it in. I can’t believe I’m sucking his cock while my husband is eating me. He slowly moves in and out of my mouth. I can’t do much with out alerting my husband. I’m so incredibly turned on. Sucking a man while another eats me, God, what a crazy sexy situation.

Suddenly, I sense that he’s going to cum. I fight furiously to take him deeper and as he starts to shoot I’m trying to swallow without making any noise. The act of him ejaculating into my throat sends me into the most intense orgasm of my life. As my husband realizes I’m cumming he re-doubles his efforts and I nearly pass out. Jim smiles at me and leaves the room just before my husband crawls up on me and crams his considerable cock straight up in me triggering another crushing orgasm.

As he kisses me I wonder if he can taste Jim’s cum in my mouth. I know he knows what cum tastes like because he likes to suck his own out of me after he fucks me. I see Jim peeking in the doorway watching my husband hump me. I hold my hubby’s head down as he drives into me. Jim’s gotten hard again as he watches us. I feel another orgasm coming again as I think of him looking at me getting fucked hard. I’ve never been fucked in front of anyone before and it excites me to no end. My husband murmurs that he’s about to shoot. I look straight into Jim’s eyes as I feel the jets of warm juice squirt into me. I am devastated from the thought of having two cocks in me. My husband really got turned on by my reactions to his lovemaking thinking it was just him.

After he came, I quickly scooped some of his cum out of my hole and, with him watching, licked it off my fingers. God, the thought of the seed of two different men in my mouth triggered more tiny orgasms. Of course, kissing my hubby with his and Jim’s sperm in my mouth just made it sweeter.

There was a huge wet spot on the bed as my husband rolled off of me to go shower. I was still so turned on from the sensational morning fuck that I wanted more. I quickly jumped and grabbed my robe and went across the hall to Jim’s room. The door was cracked open and he was lying on the bed with that massive hard on. I dropped my robe and climbed on the bed and straddled him, telling him we have to be quick because when the shower stops I have to leave.

I grabbed his cock and positioned it at the entrance to my open dripping pussy and just sank down on him. He filled me like no man I have ever had before. He started thrusting as I lay on him driving my tongue down his throat. I could not believe I was taking my second cock that morning. I had never done anything like this before. I was so open and wet I came almost immediately and just kept on cumming.

The danger of being caught and the act of fucking another man right after my husband had me was so incredibly hot I could not stop. It was only a matter of minutes before Jim whispered he was cumming. I told him to fuck me deep and fill me. And he did. The warmth of his sperm triggered a huge orgasm and I’m sure I moaned pretty loud because his hand clamped down on my mouth. I could still hear the shower as I pulled off his cock.

I quickly leaned down and cleaned it with my tongue. It was a mess with mine, his and my husband’s juices all over his shaft and belly. I gave him a quick kiss and ran back to my bed. After a few more minutes, my husband came out of the shower. I was under the covers all curled up as he asked me if I wanted to shower. I slowly pulled the covers back and asked him to suck me again. I told him I wanted him to suck his cum out of me and clean my pussy with his tongue.

He didn’t need a second invitation as he rolled me over on my belly. He went straight for my asshole and sucked and tongued my anus for a while before turning me back over and sucking the juices from me. Knowing he was eating the cum of two men from me just racked me. He was very thorough and when he was done there wasn’t a drop left in me.

I just lay there totally satisfied. I had had so many orgasms that morning. I sucked and fucked a man I hardly knew. I fucked another that I know so well. I liked fucking two men. I liked the excitement of my husband not knowing. Well, there is some more to the weekend. Jim managed to fuck me twice more without my husband knowing. He’s got such a nice thick and long penis. I think I like being a slut.




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