My Wife’s Sex Tapes with the Neighbor

I get along pretty good with my wife’s boyfriend. It’s not that we hang out together, because we don’t. We only know each other in passing. My wife likes to keep her lovers to herself, but she does like to let them know that she plays with my permission. The boyfriend’s name is Alan and he lives in our building a couple of floors up. He’s closer to my wife’s age and he’s been fucking her for little over a year now. They get together a couple of times a week. They don’t have much more than a suck and fuck relationship as Alan has a steady girlfriend that he’s about to marry. Normally we prefer her lovers to be married as that tends to keep things simple and discreet, but my wife made an exception for Alan because he lived close and had a good sized cock.

It turns out that Alan has been videotaping my wife every time he fucks her and has built up a pretty decent collection of sex tapes. I was kind of surprised when he told me, he assumed that I knew they used a camcorder as my wife was the one that originally suggested they record their sex. He wanted to know if I would like to have them as he needed to get them out of his apartment before he got married. His new bride-to-be had been spending a lot more time around his house and he was getting paranoid that she might find them. Of course I said yes. I couldn’t believe my luck. I’m a voyeur at heart and this was like treasure gold. Here’s the first one I checked out. He’s banging my sexy hot Asian wife every which way but loose here and she’s loving it!

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