Jerome stops by

The  second black guy to ever fuck my wife called last night. He was back in town and wanted to come by in the morning and fuck my wife Suzanne. My wife likes Jerome, thinks he is good looking and she likes the way he used to fuck her. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from him. I originally found him advertising his big dick for couples on Craigslist. At the time, he literally lived in an apartment across the street and that was really convenient for us. He fucked my wife back then about 6 times before he had to move to Austin, Texas because of his job. Needless to say, my wife was very excited by his call and couldn’t wait for him to come over. Neither could I, Jerome wasn’t bothered at all that I like to watch and videotape him whenever he fucked Suzanne and I was so looking forward to shooting a great video. I have two video cameras now, a Panasonic mini dv and a HD Flip, both of them made excellent videos.


Jerome is a big guy that’s a little overweight but hard all over because he is a long distance bike rider. He sports a solid 8 inch cock at least 7 inches in diameter and he can keep it hard for hours. My wife feels comfortable enough with him to not use a condom. He showed up right on time this morning looking the same as he did the last time we saw him. We said our hellos and my wife stood on her tiptoes and kissed him at the same time she grabbed his cock through his pants and that was pretty much all the foreplay they needed.


Forgetting all about me, they stripped each naked right there in the living room before my wife pulled him towards the bedroom by his engorged penis. When Suzanne is horny, she wants the cock in her pussy immediately, and she wasted no time spreading her legs to receive Jerome’s massive erection.As you can see from this screen shot, my wife Suzanne opens up to receive Jerome’s huge penis. My wife is a petite Asian woman and I am always amazed at her ability to take the largest cocks. At this point, I’m about to cum in my pants as I watch Jerome push into her. He is very aware of the cuckold scene and is considerate enough to make sure I can see all the action as he begins to fuck Suzanne. As he slowly works his length into her dilated pussy, Suzanne begins to go into a trance-like state anticipating the rush of her first orgasm on this meat missile. After a few minutes I can see the shaft of his cock glisten with her wetness. In the beginning there is about 1 inch of his cock still to go before he begins to bottom out in her, but as her excitement builds she gradually opens up enough to take every inch. My wife is a woman that likes to feel a man pummel her cervix with the head of his cock. Jerome told me once that be able to punch into her like that was a huge turn-on since most women didn’t care for the feeling.

With his cock lubricated and hard as stone, Jerome proceeds to fuck my wife like a man possessed! As his pounding increases, the beginnings of my wife’s first orgasm starts to build. Her legs open widely and her toes start to curl. The more excited she gets, and the closer to her orgasm, the higher her legs go until they are bent back around her head. She likes to get that pussy in a position to take as much of whatever cock is fucking her as deep inside as she can. By now Jerome is fucking her like a freight train and fortunately brings her to her most intense orgasm of the morning. Which, I can see, is good for Jerome, because moving all that weight around while sexing my wife can wear a guy out in a hurry!

My wife is fairly vocal when she is cumming so it’s no surprise when she starts screaming out. What is unusual is that she is telling Jerome to fuck her like a whore with that big black cock, give me your cum in my pussy, and the one that really blows my mind, give me your baby, I want you to make me pregnant, fuck me harder! That kind of talk gives me a boner like you wouldn’t believe. I mean it’s just fuck talk, she can’t get pregnant because she’s got a diaphragm in. But still… it’s a huge turn-on, not only for me, but Jerome as well because it triggers his orgasm and he dumps a huge load of his sperm way deep inside her swollen cunt. Like most men, once Jerome has busted a nut, he’s ready to pull out, lay back and chill for a while.

Jerome says “I think she’s ready for you now.” I look at my wife laying there exhausted, sweaty with her legs spread wide. Her pussy lips are swollen, pubic hair matted and her hole is gaping. The cum Jerome deposited is so far up her cunt that it will be a few minutes before it starts dripping out. No matter, my cock is stiff and the head is stretched a little because I’m wearing one of my largest rings in my Prince Albert piercing. My cock is so hard that having that ring in is causing a little discomfort, but it’s good pain though. Normally my wife won’t let me fuck her with a ring in the head of my cock, but I sneak it in sometimes because it is such a huge turn-on for me. I love sloppy seconds especially if I can get my fat cock in before all the cum drains out of her. The feeling of sliding my cock into her hot slippery vagina full of another man’s semen is usually so intense for me that I blow my wad about 10 strokes in. The upside is as soon as she feels my cock penetrate, she starts building towards another massive orgasm. According to her, the sex she enjoys the most is being fucked in rapid succession by 2 or more men. Her second favorite thing is that she loves taking a man’s cock without a condom and letting him shoot into her as deeply as he can. She is awesomely slutty that way.

Fucking her as hard as I can soon puts me over the edge and I can feel my balls getting ready to explode. Looking down at the frothy mixture of white foamy ejaculate building up at the base of my cock from Jerome’s nut just makes my cock that much harder. I have a really large stainless steel ring in the head of my cock and every time I thrust my cock in and out the ring tugs on the glans and just drives me insane. Suzanne is bucking up her hips trying to take as much of my cock as she can while her orgasm overtakes her and makes her senseless. I begin releasing a stream of hot cum. It’s shooting out of me like I’m taking a piss. Now things are getting really sloppy. Looking over at Jerome I see his cock has gotten erect again watching us and I invite him back between my wife’s legs.

I would have thought Suzanne would want a break but she was ready for more and asked Jerome if he  wanted to try a different position. She stood up and leaned over the bed presenting her ass. Her pussy all matted and her red hole open with cum dripping from it. Jerome rammed his cock into her pretty roughly as she buried her face in the sheets. She cried out, “oh, Jerome, this is so different, spank me, spank me!” That was all it took as he was humping the hell out her and swatting her ass pretty damn hard. As she started to cum again, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back literally fucking the hell out her. I didn’t really realize how rough she liked her sex until I saw all of this. She would never let me do those things to her, not even in the heat of the moment, but Jerome was treating her like a cheap hooker and she was loving it. Finally he started his cum and looking me in the eye, says, “I’m busting my nut in your wife for the second time, look how she loves my big cock! I love fucking this bitch!” His crotch and her hole were a sloppy, dripping mess of all of our fluids. He pulled out and left her laying there just trembling with little convulsions hitting her every few seconds after he pulled his flaccid cock out of her. She was fucked out. Of course watching Jerome take her again gave me another huge hard on, but I wasn’t going to get to fuck her again. She was done and sore to boot.

Our morning session lasted about 45 minutes from the time Jerome walked in the door. After a quick shower he had to get on down the road. I told him to try and come by a little more than once every two years. It’s too bad he lives so far away, he would have been a perfect lover for my wife. I had told him when we first met, that short of causing her pain, we could do anything we wanted with her. Whatever fantasy we could come up with, I guarantee, she would have allowed us full reign to do it. Well, perhaps some other time with some other lover.


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