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I see my wife’s  lover for the first time when he walks into the bedroom I had just left an hour ago. He immediately starts taking off his clothes revealing a large 8 inch erection. Now I know what my wife sees in him. I see her enter the room dressed in nothing but black nylons and high heels. She kisses him and climbs up on the bed where he joins her. They continue kissing as she dry humps his thigh. My hidden camera is pointing at the foot of the bed. I see between her legs her black pubic hair surrounding her dilated pussy. She is clearly ready for penetration. My wife is not one for a lot of foreplay, but today her lover turns her around and forces her mouth onto his cock while he begins to eat her pussy.

I didn’t realize my wife was such an enthusiastic cock sucker until I watched this video for the first time. I can see she loves his cock. Licking up and down the length and trying to deep throat as much of it as she can, she grinds her cunt into her lovers face. I watch her head as it moves down between his legs licking and sucking his balls. The lover lifts up his leg so my wife has access to his ass. It completely blows me away to watch my wife rimming this guys asshole. Suddenly she arches her back as she starts to cum on his tongue. Another first, I did not realize that my wife could cum from oral sex. She never liked it from me and I have never been able to make her orgasm with my mouth. This guy has a firm grip on her thighs as he drives his tongue deeply into her vagina. Cumming hard now, she plunges her head down onto his cock and sucks it violently and almost manages to take the entire length of it into her throat. I am about to cum in my pants watching this.



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