Cuckolded by my Wife

I suspected that my wife was cheating on me. I bought a video camera disguised as a wristwatch at a local security/spy shop that specialize in this sort of thing. The quality is not that good, but it does the job. The edited video shows my wife in our bed with this middle aged man. She sucks his cock and he fucks her fairly quickly before he cums in her.

After confronting her with the video she told me she found him on the Ashley Madison dating site, met him for coffee the day before and invited him to come fuck her the next morning just after I left for work.  The man is 55 years old and a CPA. Married for 35 years, he thought he would try some strange pussy. I don’t know what exactly my wife saw in him, he was balding with a belly, not bad looking, but no Adonis. She told me there was something about him that turned her on. I ask her why she did it. She told me since I had been pestering her for years to have sex with another man, she thought she would try it, but didn’t want me to know in case she didn’t like it.

My wife said he was hung nicely and after she sucked his cock hard, he nearly came in her mouth. He wanted to mount her and fuck her properly. She tried to put a condom on his cock but if wouldn’t go on his thick cock very easy and his cock would start to get soft. Finally she told him to fuck her without the condom. As you can see in the video, he puts his cock in her and starts to slowly hump her but stops as he’s about to cum again. My wife offers to turn around so he can fuck her doggy style. But he misunderstands her thinking she wants him in her ass. He slides his cock into her again and I can hear the way she is moaning that she is loving his cock. Suddenly he says something to her and she says “nice fuck” and he starts to pound her as hard as he can. You can here her start cumming almost immediately. Pretty quickly he’s ready to shoot off in her. As soon as my wife feels his cock ejaculating she falls silent as he fills her with his semen. She loves it when a man fucks her raw and cums in her.

So now I’m officially cuckolded. How fast things change. What you think you want, what you fantasize about, all changes when it turns real. What was my desire has been taken over by my wife. Now months later she’s decides who she’s going to fuck and whether I get to participate or not. I have no say in anything anymore. I wear a restraint on my penis that keeps me from getting an erection. My duties now are to clean my wife and her lover if I’m allowed any interaction at all. I still love to fuck my wife especially after other men have used her, and that is her hold on me.

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