3 cocks + hubby

I don’t think my wife conscientiously planned to be fucked by 3 men in one day it just worked out that way by happy accident. Let me tell you how it happened. My wife Suzanne’s long time lover got caught with my wife’s nude photos on his cell phone. Stupid, right? Nothing explicit, but pretty hard to explain away. It was kind of messy with a few phone calls from his pissed off wife to my wife. It wasn’t just her, it was every woman in his contacts. She called everyone, but never found out who he was fucking, but she sure as hell knows what she looks like now. Fortunately, things got settled down and quiet, but we thought it would be a few months before he figured out a way to get back between Suzanne’s legs. Meanwhile my wife is getting itchy for a new cock.


It used to be that I found the men that fucked her, but that changed as it is prone to do in a cuckold relationship. She took over control of deciding who she wanted to fuck her. Now I am constantly surprised at the men she selects for meetings or auditions as I like to call them. She tends to favor tall older men, especially married ones. I tended to favor younger black bucks with huge cocks. Now she likes a big cock and if the man she lets fuck her the first time doesn’t have something substantial in his pants he is not invited back. But I’m getting off track here.


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Play by Play

The guy that fucks my wife about every week doesn’t know that I know about him.  He shows up whenever he wants to fuck my wife, usually in the mornings. He will fuck her solid for one hour every time and give her 3 to 4 hard orgasms with his rock hard 8 inch cock. He’s married himself, but has a huge infatuation with my wife who’s Korean. My wife is one of those women that men want to fuck. It’s hard to describe that look but most men know what I mean. There are some women out there, and it doesn’t matter how they look, in fact, they could be fairly homely, but they have something about them that makes you just want to fuck them. The guy is an ex-marine in good shape and able to give my wife a good extended fuck.


I convinced my wife to try the cuckold lifestyle. She only got interested once she decided that I was sincere about watching her get fucked and not fucking other women. Most women that get into the cuckold lifestyle don’t allow their men to fuck other women at all. In the beginning, I got her the men I liked, usually big cocked blacks, but as time went on, she started taking control and picking her own men. Unfortunately the latest man she fucks, the one I’m describing here, doesn’t know about me and I have to leave when he comes over to fuck my wife.

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Rebecca, The Horny Road Warrior!

These days I do travel quite a bit for short stays and it does get a little lonely being in a strange city all by myself. I increasingly find myself spending time exchanging emails with many of my members and getting to know all of you as best as I can. It is really no fun travelling alone and I want to thank you all for keeping me company on those lonely nights. I have no shortage of emails staring at me when I’m sitting there alone with my thoughts. Some of the emails just get me so horny. I have a hard time falling asleep in a strange environment and often find myself fantasizing about having a lover in every city who can have a glass of wine with me and gently put me to sleep.

Alone in your underwear in the hotel in another city? Might you be that gentleman who can help a lady get to sleep? Maybe you can just meet me in the hotel lobby, buy me a drink, engage me in some intelligent conversation, get me a little tipsy and then help me back to my room. I am such a pushover when I’ve had a few. Why don’t you come on in and hear about how you can help me. Only serious inquiries need to apply! Click my banner below to find out more about me!

Her First Cocks

A while back I was desperately exploring my bisexuality. I had convinced myself that I could have the best of both worlds. I met an old Greek guy through Craigslist. He was advertising himself for couples as a bisexual partner. I contacted him and asked to meet to see if he might be interested in fucking my wife. As it turns out, he wasn’t very far away and I stopped by to visit him.


We went to his bedroom where he started showing me videos of himself fucking some woman. I showed him photos of my wife and told him we were interested in exploring a threesome for the first time. He asked me if I liked sex with men and I said yes.  At that, he undressed and exposed a long hard 8 inch cock. I admired the fact that he was able to display such a magnificently stiff penis at his age and I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth. It was the first cock I ever sucked as an adult. Slender and hard with a large helmet, I tried to take it all the way down my throat but couldn’t.

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