A Natural Hotwife

She’s a naturally beautiful woman with a highly developed sexuality, whose sexual experiences usually started early. She’s casually comfortable with her body and with nudity, and is a natural exhibitionist. She likes to flirt and tease and toy with men, and has a much higher sex drive then most women, and even most men. She needs a lot of cock to keep her satisfied. She has a nymphomanic’s appetite for sex and isn’t ashamed of it. 01Some Natural Hotwives are more open and overt about it, while others are more secretive and discreet about it. She’s the kind of woman that, when she chooses to, has a way of projecting her sexuality and making it obvious to men she meets that she likes to fuck a lot.


When she’s attracted to a man, and wants him, she can be rather bold in her actions. She isn’t afraid to go for what she wants. She enjoys a wide variety of sexual activities, and likes to experiment with new things and ideas all the time. She’s the kind of woman that is game to try anything once, and many more times if it makes her cum. She is naturally drawn to indulge in a wide variety of taboo sexual fetishes, including some of that might surprise you.2The fact that she’s easily sexually aroused and cums easily and frequently is a source of pride to her. She’s the kind of woman that if she meets you and is attracted to you, and let’s you touch her, you’ll find that she’s already dripping wet.

3When she’s sexually aroused, her body produces an intense cocktail of pheromones to attract her man, and if you stand close to her, you’ll be able to smell her pussy. Sexually, she likes variety, but is mostly attracted to strong virile dominant men who take control and know how to make her feel like a woman. She often likes rough, hard, nasty sex.

4Natural Hotwives are hypnotically attracted to powerful Black Bulls, and often develop an unquenchable addiction to such men. She likes a dominant man with a big cock who knows how to use it. For such men, she will do anything to please them. But as husbands, the Natural Hotwife often chooses more accommodating, non-judgmental, less dominant and often even submissive small penis men who will love her, cherish her, make love to her, worship her body, teach her things, make her laugh, take her to fun and interesting places, buy her pretty things, financially and emotionally provide for her, protect her, and… most importantly.. encourage her natural sexuality.

5As a life partner, she needs a man who understands that she’s a free spirit, a sexual butterfly. She needs a man who won’t try to capture or control her. She needs a man who will appreciate that sexually she’s different then most other woman. She needs a man who will support her need to fully explore and indulge her sexual fantasies and desires… both with him… and with other men. She needs a man who understands that she needs a lot more cock then one man can ever give her. A man who is prepared to share her pussy with other men.

6She needs a man who is a Natural Cuckold.


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