Meeting My Future Wife

Although she has been out of my life for over 10 years now I still have fond memories of the very first time I met my first wife. It was in 1970 during my sophomore year. I was a new member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, one of the few that had their own house. To say that our parties were wild would be a massive understatement. TKE was a jock frat smack in the middle of the hippie explosion. We still didn’t smoke pot or do drugs but we could put away some serious beer. And we could fuck. In 1970 it was just a few years before that women got birth control, there was no Aids then and though we were aware of other venerial diseases, we weren’t worried about them.


The upside was women spread their legs way easier than they did just a few years earlier. But I’m getting off on tangents. My story begins at a kegger we had one weekend (we pretty much had a kegger party every weekend!).



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