Sent on an Errand

My wife’s college boy lover called and told her he was nearby and would be there in 30 minutes to fuck her. It was about 8:15 AM and I was having my first cup of coffee. My wife immediately told me to get ready to leave for an hour and a half. She had a list of items for me to take care while she was getting fucked. The first thing I did was go to the bedroom to set up her computer to record the action. She has a desk in the corner with her desktop and a web cam. I move the monitor back against the wall and put some speakers in front of it to make it look like it doesn’t work and then I put a laptop on her desk.

She’s already told her boy-toy that the computer’s broken so he pays no attention to it anymore. I turn on Windows Movie Maker and set up the web cam to record. I will start it when I get ready to leave the house. My wife is just out of the shower, putting on her makeup and sexy lingerie. I have a massive hard-on and am turned on to no end knowing she is going to get fucked in just a few minutes.

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My Wild Weekend, pt. 1

It was such a wild weekend! My husband’s friend Jim came to visit for a few days. He’s a real flirt and I enjoyed the attention that first night he was with us. He would touch me and hover around me very carefully not letting my husband catch him. It was exciting because he was such a sexy man. He wasn’t shy about slipping his hand up my shorts and trying to touch my pussy.

By bedtime I was soaking wet. Since we’d been drinking all evening, my husband fell right asleep. I drifted off wondering what it would be like to do his friend. I woke up to find my hubby’s head between my legs slurping and sucking my pussy. He was under the covers just getting started. My hubby loves to eat me and spends a lot of time bringing me just to the edge before easing off and starting again. I settled in for a serious suck session anticipating several orgasms.

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Rebecca’s Office

I thought I would share a link to one of my favorite Black Cock Sluts. Rebecca cuckolds her husband with big-cocked black men. I highly recommend checking out her site, Rebecca’s Office for hot photos and videos taken by her hubby. Take her site tour to see how much this original amateur beauty has to offer her members. Yes, I’m a member myself.

Receiving a hard 8″


My wife Suzanne and her lover Charles one morning after I had left for work. They kindly set up the camera on a tripod to record this session for me. Charles fucked her many times and never used a condom. When he fucked her, he really fucked her. One of the things Suzanne liked the most about him was that he fucked her a solid hour and a half every time. She couldn’t keep track of how many times he could make her cum. Eventually Suzanne allowed him to fuck her ass and cum in her mouth. She loved the taste of his cum. Charles eventually moved to another state, but he was one her most satisfying lovers ever especially with his extremely thick 8 inch cock. Now we’re looking for another Charles!

This Weekend

My wife Suzanne enjoys a couple of new friends double fucking her a motel near Club Sapphire in Seattle. This is her favorite now.

Is Wife Swapping Risky?


A distinguished psychiatrist replies to a reader who suggests wife-swapping as a means of increasing married happiness.

By Walter R. Stokes, M.D., LL.B.

In your March 1963 issue, under the title “Question of the Month,” you published a letter from one of your readers in which he confessed his desire that he and his wife hare extramarital sexual relations by mutual consent. Your reply was very interesting.

But, maybe due to a lack of experience on your part with situations like this, the sexual aspect was not discussed clearly enough. In my opinion many others have the same desires as your letter writer.

I consider myself experienced in this matter, and I am sure that my opinion could be of some help to you. I am 50 years old and my wife is 44, and we have been married for 27 years. We have been very happy. With the years our love toward each other has improved and our sexual life is very active and we both enjoy it.

Fifteen years ago I noticed that thinking of my wife having sexual relations with another man would sexually arouse me, and 1 let her know this. I noticed that she also was sexually aroused when I talked to her about the matter. As time passed we thought more and more about this.

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The Cuckold Potential Test

As a woman, do you fantasize about being with other men but are not sure how your man will handle it?  Has he mentioned adding some ‘spice’ to your relationship by adding a third, or even fourth, person to your bedroom?  He may just be a cuck and wanting you to cuckold him.

Read through this list and see how many apply to your man.  Not all may apply and some will be stronger than others, but if you can see some of the list in your man, then he may just be willing for you to find your sexually liberated self.  If you see most of the list in your man then he DEFINITELY is willing and is waiting on you to go for it!!!!

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