My First Wife

I have some videos of my first wife, Hope. After we divorced, she went out to California and got into soft porn for a while. I have a few videos of her I thought I would share with you. She was a hot little fuck that knew how to suck cock. I bought those titties too. I fucked this bitch 14 different ways to Sunday during the few years we were together. I tried and tried to get her into this lifestyle, but she was just too prudish. Hard to believe since she did so much softcore porn.

These first two videos were the first she made after doing a bunch of photoshoots. It like to blew my mind the first time I saw them. I think she would have made a great pornstar. I would have loved seeing her take black cock.

This last video was about as hardcore as she got during her brief porn career.

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  1. Guy says:

    I think I know this girl. I can’t quite remember where I know her from though. I’ve seen her somewhere. If anyone can refresh my memory, drop me an email. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t figure out who she is. I think she might be someone I went to school with a long time ago.

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