My Asian Wife and Her Boss

My wife is having an affair with her boss. I would have never thought he was someone she would get involved with. He’s not her type at all, stocky and not much taller than her with a lot of body hair. Somehow they connected. My wife will respond to almost anyone that exhibits an interest in fucking her. One day he invited her to lunch and flirted with her so much that when they were in the car on the way back to work she started playing with his penis through his pants and discovered that not only was it hard for her, it was abnormally large. They didn’t do anything that day except play grabsy. She told me as soon as she got home that she wanted to fuck him. I rigged up a small spy camera in her purse because I knew I couldn’t be there. She did not want him to know that I knew. Although the camera is kind of crappy, it did work well recording most of their sessions together.

This is the very first video recorded of them. Their first time together. I’ve edited it the best I can to keep their faces out. This is the first time I get to see the size of his large cock. It’s no wonder my wife is so hot to fuck him. This was taped when they came home during lunch for their first sexing.

The above video is another lunch quickie while I was out of town. The guy makes her cum every time and always fucks her bareback.

In this video, my wife wanted to suck him until he came her mouth.

The above video my wife taped with her purse cam on the first of several business trips she accompanied her boss on. He invited her along for the weekend, they stayed in the same room and he fucked her every chance he got. Unfortunately this was the only video that was actually recorded the entire two days.

The above video is the most recent. Her boss took her to a cheap motel a few miles from work. My wife loved it, she said she felt like a hooker. She can’t see it, but I can, her boss is treating her like a fuck slut. I believe he’s beginning to understand he can do pretty much whatever he wants to do with her. It should get interesting soon. Although the tapes we have don’t show it, my wife says he is really very perverted and is talking to her about visiting a sex club with him. She wants to.

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2 Responses to My Asian Wife and Her Boss

  1. Asian wife who can relate xx says:

    that is very sexy!

  2. how is it all going for you guys…hope to learn and see more! PS she is so sexy and the boss has hit gold!

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