Sex Videos I Found on my Wife’s Phone

My wife has been fucking this guy and I just found out about it. The first video I found attached to an email account my wife has that she doesn’t think I know about.

That’s her pussy, his cock and my wedding ring. I believe it is the same cock fucking her in the other videos that I found on our Flip vidcam.

I found the vidcam in the night stand on her side of the bed. There were 6 little clips including one of her sucking his cock. I can’t publish that one because her face shows. What blew my mind and got my cock rock hard was the little clip of this guy fucking my wife’s asshole. I believe all of these clips except the first one were taken a few days ago when I was gone for a weekend business trip. The first clip I found he slides his cock into her pussy and fucks her to an immediate orgasm. The second clip he’s in her asshole to the hilt. The next two clips are him fucking her doggy style and the final clip is my wife spreading her pussy with a fresh creampie. Obviously fucking him bareback. My cock is hard just thinking about it. I’ve shared my wife with other men before, but this is the first time she’s fucked around behind my back. I’m going to put a hidden cam in our bedroom to see if I can catch her again. Apparently she’s been fucking him for a few weeks.

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